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    There are a lot of "resources" on the Internet (actually just the things that rise to the top of search engines) that seemingly want to diminish the role of willpower in addict recovery.

    I want to throw out the following:

    * Your attitude towards the role of willpower and addiction is based on your life philosophy, political ideology and religious beliefs:

    * The addiction support cottage industry, and its political lobbyists, want us to believe that willpower is not enough, so we buy their products and services

    * Willpower is not enough; you have to combine several actions, along with willpower, to beat addiction. To know which actions to take, one has to gain knowledge of the best means available. plays a role with helping us gain knowledge or our condition.

    * Crutches, like Internet porn blockers, are meant to be broken because they are man-made means. Our man-made addict minds will use these crutches to plant seeds in our minds that we cannot do this without them. Those seeds will sprout one day, and come back to haunt us.

    Alright, what's everyone's thoughts?
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    It's interesting to point out that when people speak of will power, there's usually a competing force, even if it is just the tendency to be static and change nothing.

    This is why I think more fundamental to will power is overcoming inner division. Instead of framing it as our instinct is the enemy because of PMO, understand it in context and without division both in terms of all aspects of our psyche as well as our background and history, which likely prompts both understanding and compassion for ourselves. Out of understanding we can have a plan, and compassion actually gives us better focus because you are not in this struggle between one side vs. another, it's more like all of you are on board as a whole.
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    I would agree that willpower is 'rarely' enough for most people to recover. Is it possible to willpower your way out of an addiction like this...absolutely. But a very small number of people could be capable of this. I consider myself a very strong willpower person and can accomplish a lot with willpower, but I failed over and over in giving up PMO for years before finally accepting the fact that willpower was not enough. If someone truly wants to beat this addiction, they have to be willing to accept some sacrifices, build a gameplan, and learn from mistakes along the way. If you have a lot of willpower, that will definitely help your chances. But don't rely on it to carry you through. Keep fighting ;)

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