Rolling Stone Magazine is shitting all over NoFap now

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  1. You just made yourself look very stupid.
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  2. The joo stuff is ridiculous but I see nothing wrong with being biased against a habit you're trying to get rid of. It's okay to pick sides.
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  3. You do know AA is a religious organization, right?
  4. @FellatiousD what you're asking for is essentially that every other member be like you. I'm afraid you can't have that except perhaps by chance.

    If you need consolation you can realize that many of the people whose opinions you consider insane consider your opinions insane as well. And they're just entitled to their views as you are to yours.

    This is an anti-porn website. Many fit under that tent and you're not in power to gatekeep others from it for what you perceive to be wrongthink.
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  5. False promise

    False promise Fapstronaut

    You’ve never heard the tobacco industry been labelled evil? What you be caught off guard if somebody said the tobacco industry is evil? Man you say some stupid shit sometimes.
  6. @AtomicTango I respect your courtesy and good faith, but I have to disagree.
    We don't have to manipulate people's perception - we have to stop giving them an opportunity to generalize and misrepresent some of the decent folk who remain here. Eliminating toxicity will not give anyone an opportunity to call us toxic.
    Mongolian basket weavers don't have an issue with shaming people who don't also enjoy Mongolian basket-weaving. But there are plenty of people on NoFap who think that anyone who watches porn is a porn addict, and an immoral person. If being able to call someone a retard is your priority over keeping the site on-topic and free of toxicity, then that is the kind of prioritization that will cause the site to suffer in the long run.
    You missed my whole point which is to de-politicize this issue. I don't want to see political rhetoric obscure the intended function of NoFap. And no, addiction shouldn't be politically charged, because it is a personal issue. This should be a site where people come to receive information and support for their own personal issues, perceived or real. The "war on porn" gets in the way of that end coming to fruition, and gives people an enemy to attack instead of focusing on ourselves.
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  7. @Ghost in the Shell wow you are obsessed with me, holy shit.
    How about quoting me in context next time. The purpose of my comment about the politicization of porn vs other addictions was to highlight that people on this site are not focused on self-recovery, but crusading against people who don't adhere to their belief system. Ultimately, that damages the credibility of our site, as we have seen in articles like the one OP referenced.

    The pseudo-scientific dogma and sex-shaming I see every day here is far more consequential than mere "bias".

    Even if AA is a religious organization, it still does a far better job optically and performance-wise than NoFap currently. It has far more prestige than this site will ever hope to achieve if the political retaliation against porn remains a common theme here.

    [1] When did I say that?
    [2] Which of my opinions are insane? That shaming anyone who isn't anti-porn makes us look bad?
    [3] Correct, this is not an anti-porn website. Why, then, is anti-porn rhetoric so popular here? Being toxic and calling people evil for engaging in porn or masturbation, calling for worldwide bans on porn, and sex-shaming isn't wrongthink, it is just uproductive and counterproductive to the function of this site - recovery.
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  8. You are twisting my words. I said that I have never heard people describe tobacco or the act of consuming tobacco as evil. That practice, however, is commonplace with porn.
  9. ruso

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    I thought the article was pretty good, and although the author ending on insisting that nofap is Alt right, it did at the end of day report all sides. Including the point below which is why I’m here and do this.

    But - Not going to lie, back in 2016 when I first joined I did have to resolve my own qualms whether this forum was too far leaning to the right and too religious or even to open to gender identity.

    My conclusion? We got every nut (pun intended) in here. Just one massive group of over-thinkers stumbling and succeeding in bettering themselves. And we use what we know or what we think will help. Shit I’ve seen very conservative folks here defend a person who is trans, from a troll and vice versa. And at the end of the day, when someone is set to troll or just bring chaos the member, the community puts a stop to it.

    “In its most simple form NoNutNovember just a fun internet challenge that has grown in popularity due to many memes that circulate the internet…However, I also think that the reason that it has become so widespread is that it has given many the opportunity to look within themselves and realize that they might be relying on masturbation and porn for comfort.”
  10. AtomicTango

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    Again, I agree with this in principle but my point isnt us manipulating perception, its people outside manipulating it against us. Take for example the stuff from a while back with a well known porn site posting stuff on Twitter about NoFap being a hot bed of alt-right extremism, a good while before the site got infested with the kind of people you are annoyed about/opposed to/whatever you get my point hopefully. This company has a vested interest in making us all look terrible no matter how terrible we may actually be, for obvious reasons, and they have infinitely more power than NoFap does. I'm not necessarily saying "oh just sit back and do nothing while NoFap is attacked", what I'm saying is regardless of reality, there will always be people who have a motive to make us look bad, no matter how hard you fight against it.

    The reason I bring up me getting suspended for saying that is that nobody can clearly define what "toxicity" actually means, and even if we were to somehow all agree on a meaning, it changes depending on the context. I called the guy a retard because he was baiting people by trying to argue that humans "needed" to orgasm, and that it was, and I quote "just as important as sleeping, eating, and drinking." Now saying this is blatantly, inarguably, false, yet he was allowed to continue posting misinformation and I was punished for calling it out. I dont say this being salty about it, lord knows I use it as an example too much but damn if it doesnt fit, its just an example of differing perspectives clashing when put up against the sites rulebook and/or differing views of the issue. From my perspective I did nothing wrong, and I've seen worse so many times I cant list all the examples, but clearly whoever enforced the rule disagreed. Thats my point, that the simple concept of what is and isnt harmful to the sites image is so vague and nebulous that trying to enforce it with any real vigour runs a serious risk of alienating and pushing away people who otherwise arent really hurting anyone. I am aware of users who post a lot who have very strong views on some issues, for example thinking porn is immoral but then they also post genuinely good advice when people ask for it in regards to certain issues. Which part of them wins out? The part of them who helps or the part of them with strong/ politically incorrect views? I ask that not knowing the answer myself.

    I agree addiction should not be politically charged, my point is that in the case of porn addiction, it kinda is whether we like it or not. The concept of NoFap lines up with a lot of traditionalist right wing viewpoints, and directly opposes several left wing viewpoints. Should people see it this way? Well no, because its dumb. But people still think that way regardless. Serious question, how would you personally go about detaching politics from NoFap?
  11. ruso

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    I don’t think it’s possible to detach politics from this. Maybe the neutral is just self improvement. One one hand you have religious reasons and/or right wing views. On the other hand you have new age philosophies based on ancient stuff from the East, which would be hippie or leaning left. Probably the best thing to do to battle on the public image of the site, is to practice more agreeing to disagree when it’s fundamentally pointless to change someone else’s mind.
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  12. Its actually not a religious organization. If you were to classify it as anything it would be classified as spiritual.
  13. Mr. Kruger

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    Yeah. From what I've been told, being religious isn't a requirement in AA, but they will try to tell you that it's helpful to have a belief in some kind of higher power at the very least. As far as I know, nobody has ever been rejected for being an atheist or agnostic.
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  14. Isn't that exactly what you are doing now too?

    And by the way I don't think that's true. More people here write journals, participate in challenges, discuss how to make progress... than post in off topic.

    For example all the babble about "shaming". The idea that the state of a complete uncritical acceptance - and more than that, a celebration with flags and stuff - of all kinds of sexual behavior is something great to aspire to. That is insane to me. Unfortunately, it's a religious dogma of sorts in many circles these days.

    Okay, technically this is an anti-porn addiction site. But that kind of implies that the site's position is that porn itself is bad, doesn't it? Why else try to stop using it.
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  15. I hope those porn companies fear us. People everywhere are finally getting their lives back, thank God.
  16. Probably some cuck wrote that article lol.
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  17. AtomicTango

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    You saying this stood out to me because it made me realise I have seen more instances of people complaining about people who dont use the site for its intended purpose and/or use it to go after people who disagree with them on some moral issue, than I have people actually doing those things. Not saying its not happening at all, but I honestly see relatively few people behaving in a way I would consider all that untoward. I dont think having strong opinions about porn is really a bad thing, even if I dont always agree. Considering the context of the site, it makes sense some would have those strong opinions.
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