Romeo with lots of foreign Juliets

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    Not sure how many people have this but I wanted to push myself to face my reality. I have long had the fantasy to meet a beautiful foreign or exotic girl and whisk her away; take her to amazing places and be her prince in shining armor. I don't know if this is a combination of those fairy tale stories we all watch, combined with the exhilaration of being a superhero of sorts... but I travel for work; internationally. At the beginning I just stayed in my hotel room and looked at porn; then progressed to fantasizing about escorts who were easily available nearby. Eventually I tried a few but that gets expensive. So I deduced the best (and cheapest) option would be to just have a girlfriend in every country I visited while at work. I travel to latin america so the first few countries were amazing, dominican republic, colombia, brazil, you get the point.

    At first I thought it was all love and pursuing my fantasy or dream, but then, I wanted to try a different type, or race, ethnicity, etc... I fell in love with some, others fell in love with me (i think), and in the end I was living multiple lives, multiple relationships, acting out a rockstar or celebrity fantasy.

    I tried to break up with all of them, and delete any access to them. For the most part that worked, and I went from lots of women down to 3. I thought that was good. I felt relieved to not feel so fragmented, but I discovered an old cell phone recently and it wasn't hard to resurrect the old feelings. I don't think if I would ever leave my wife for any of these women, but I have been bouncing back and forth for a while and I always tell myself, it would be so easy to quit since they are countries away... but I feel it impossible.

    I don't have relations with my wife going on 2 years so I don't have any incentive to stop, but I want to be successful with work and be able to conquer my fears. I feel porn has a lot to do with this, but I'm glad I found a place to share my questions and get some support.
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    You’re in a tricky situation with the wife, who should be the go-to, but two years is a long time. Not sure what is going on, or what she expects from you, but instinct suggests to me that repairing the relationship is worth more than trying to create something with the women elsewhere in the world.

    If relations are really that bad with the wife, would you think it would make sense to be honest with her and break it off, and then start afresh?
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    Good points here, I think it's something I have tried before, but the irony is... like any business professional who travels, you become isolated, less opportunity to be held accountable, and more loneliness leads to more opportunities to have encounters. It's like I'd need to quit my job in order to restart, but honestly I love what I do and have turned down better paying opportunities for the "freedom" to travel and meet women while working. It's probably a dopamine thing somehow??
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    I would mend things with the wife, do you have kids with her back at home,maybe they can stay at your parents an then you can fly your wife to the country your in for a week that should do the trick ,
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    I have traveled with my kids for the sole purpose of staying out of the brothels, strip clubs, etc. The trip is fun but different.

    Tomorrow is our anniversary going on 14 years, and I have been craving a redhead for a while, I'm trying to stay home and let this urge pass....
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    I hope you will solve your problems, friend.
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