Running - in the morning or before sleeping ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ADC, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. ADC

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    Hi !
    So I try to run a bit everyday, usually when I wake up. But I have way less time now and I feel a bit tired at the end of the day, plus I have to study a lot currently.

    So do you think going running is good for health like one hour before sleeping (I usually run 15 minutes) or do you think it will be harder for me to sleep ?

    Thanks ! :D
  2. CL555

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    Since the start of September, I have ran 5 or 6 days a week to lose fat. I was nearly 13 stone at the start of September, I am now about 12 stone 3 pounds.
    All of my running has been done first thing in the morning,, I wake up, drink a couple glasses of water, do stretches and then run for about 40 minutes. Running before breakfast has been proven to increase fat loss speed.

    I also get tired at the end of the day, but I don't mind as it encourages me to go to bed earlier.
    With studying also, I find that running in the morning motivates me to study in the afternoon.

    That's just what works for me, you may be different. But by advice would be to run in the morning

    Hope this helps and don't fap!

  3. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the advice. Runing in the morning works for me too, I feel in top form during the day and suddenly tired when it's time to sleep.
    It's perfect, but... I need to sleep later now because of my studies, so I'll try it tomorrow for a week and tell you how it goes !
  4. IGY

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    You sound like quite the whippet: LOL! :D
  5. I prefer to run in the morning, because it refreshes me for the whole day! If I run in the evening, I cannot sleep!

    It's important to run SLOWLY, because only then your body will gain energy from oxygen ("aerobic zone"), and you will feel totally refreshed after the run.

    If you run too fast, your body switches into the "anaerobic zone", which means it gets energy out of the carbohydrates stored in your muscle cells, and then, you will feel tired.

    If you are not trained, then "running slowly" actually means "fast walking", or "just" running (just a little bit more than normal walking !!)

    You can make a "lactate test" at a sports institute, they can tell you then at which speed you should run.

    BTW, in the evening, I prefer to do muscle training. Because after a muscle workout, I am really tired and the muscles are weak, so it's best to go to sleep afterwards.
  6. Eagersalmon

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    Depends on what you're after

    Looking to lose fat and get fitter? I would recommend high intensity exercise

    Just for a boost in the morning? a quick jog would suffice

    In any case, heavy physical activity before bed is generally a bad idea. However,gentle activity such as walking could be helpful to induce better sleep. All depends on what you're after and how you individually respond.
  7. thepersonathome

    thepersonathome Fapstronaut

    morning because you start your day off right
  8. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the advices. Did it yesterday and today and I'm not more tired than usually. Studies are going right. :)
  9. I normally do it at night, like 1 or sometimes 2am, but that's just me. ;)
  10. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    2am ?! And when do you sleep ? :)
  11. mike777

    mike777 Fapstronaut

    I would say in the morning.
    When I wake up I:

    1. Have a bottle of water
    2. Take a multi vitamin
    3. Shower
    4. Bike to my classes

    So yea, I don't run/jog but I think exercise is best in the morning to help you wake up and start your day.
  12. Js5

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    Morning is better for me typically. Evening runs usually make me have issues sleeping. And its good advice about a slow pace. I have learned that a 5-6 mile run at a faster pace doesn't give you the lasting energy of a slower steady 3 mile run.
  13. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    I usually run slowly so that's good to know that I've been doing it right. :)
    But I guess when you get better at running you can go faster, I seen sportive people everyday running in the streets way faster than I do, really faster !

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