Running with good music is fun and extremely helpful!

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  1. DanielShakleferd

    DanielShakleferd Fapstronaut

    Have any of you tried running or other high energy exercises? I have found it extremely useful for me for dealing with pent up energy and purging/resetting my mind(if I am getting into a risky state of mind). It is especially useful if you are feeling deprived of excitement or have pent up energy, which can both make us more vulnerable to temptation(at least for me). The key for me is to run with invigorating music! Without music, running is boring and unpleasant and I don't manage to run very far. But the right music makes it fun(my equivalent to dancing I guess) and I run way longer and probably somewhat faster. Here are some benefits that I get from it...

    1. Dealing with pent up energy(it has also increases energy levels for me if I run regularly).

    2. Snaps me out of laziness.

    3. Purges temptation(may or may not last)

    4. It can help teach self discapline, at least when it comes to exercise if nothing else. When running my mind is often telling me "Okay, that was enough, now would be a good time for resting." so I have to make a somewhat difficult choice and often tell it "No, keep running!" or my legs feel fatigued when I have only ran about a quarter-mile(I generally run 1-2 miles), so it takes discipline to keep running(and it generally turns out that the feeling of fatigue goes away). It is an opportunity to say no to your urge to seek the relief of a rest and powering through it with discipline feels great.

    5. It boosts mood and gives you a healthy emotional high. It pretty much always purges depression for me. It feels as good as being sexually aroused(without being sexually aroused) except it will leaving feeling good and happy that you did it! In my experience, to effectively purge negative emotions and to feel super great, it is necessary to push yourself past the point where your mind is telling you "Time to rest!". I don't know if it is more of a feeling of triumph from persevering against those temptations to rest, or if it is just how the body responds to that level of exertion. I don't get to that point unless I am listening to invigorating music. Music can also help get me into a good rhythm to control my breathing better.

    6. It is good exercise!

    7. It meets a need for excitement or intensity. It feels epic with the right attitude and or music.
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  2. DanielShakleferd

    DanielShakleferd Fapstronaut

    Muscle building exercise can also be useful for mood and purging negative thoughts or moods. Both require you to push yourself a little to get the best side benefits, at least that is my experience.
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  3. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    I have not exercised much in the last 20 years. This year, in February, I started Shovelglove and I love it! I also do some hiking while hauling firewood, work I am starting to do year-round just for the exercise benefit of it!

    I can concur -- exercise helps greatly with mood. And the physical benefits are good, too!
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  4. mrtumnus

    mrtumnus Fapstronaut

    I've been running 1-2 times per week as a part of my recovery routine. It's been great! I do it in the morning, and it often sets the tone for the day, giving me more energy, motivation, and focus. Also, I've enjoyed a few good "prayer runs" where I don't listen to anything and just run & talk to God, both spoken and unspoken. Also, I run outside, which means I can't really just give up - need to make it back home!
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  5. BurningThisBridge

    BurningThisBridge Fapstronaut

    I started doing regularly runs about a year ago and then I stopped for a couple of months. When I started again I would just give up in the middle of my run so I started getting discouraged at my lack of discipline. What really helped me start finishing my runs again was a little mental trick. Alongside my road is a bunch of guideposts and whenever I'd want to give up I'd tell my mind that I'd take a rest at the next guidepost. Whenever I reached that guidepost I'd continue running and say I'd give on the next one. I'd continue this until I got home and it felt so good that I was disciplined and pushed through the tiredness.
  6. mrtumnus

    mrtumnus Fapstronaut

    I do this too! It's more for me deciding to quit a little earlier, and walk longer back home. But I started doing this and consistently stop at the same post now. I even use posts now to do little sprints ("OK, from here to the next I'll double my pace"). Nice trick :)

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