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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by derivative, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I spent over 300 total days without PMO in 2018, including 2 150+ day streaks and I felt great and thought I had beat my porn addiction... until I celebrated the victory on New Year's Day with a celebratory PMO binge. Been struggling ever since!

    I am allowing PMO to hinder my social and academic again. Not acceptable.

    With the end of the semester at my university right around the corner, I HAVE to get my ass in gear again to get them good grades. Last year, I was a BEAST when I wasn't held back by social anxiety, motivated to do work as soon as possible, felt like I could do anything, etc. Time to get back to beast mode.

    God probably shakes his head in dissappointment everytime I turn my phone onto secret mode and reach for my zipper. I'm sorry, God. This time, I'm gonna try harder than ever before to resist temptation.

    But winners fail too. Winners fail and get up. Fail and get up. Fail and get up. Losers fail and stay down. Winners fail and get up. to be successful, you must also be willing to fail.

    If you're not uncomfortable, you're not getting better. When asked how many sit ups he does, Muhammad Ali replied that he doesn't start counting until it hurts.

    Until it HURTS. Discomfort makes you adapt, makes you change, makes you grow, makes you better.

    Now while we're at it, does anybody have some decent advice for avoiding getting thirsty for PMO? Cuz I know how to stop myself from continuing, but not from feeling like doing it in the first place...

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