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    I made a decision last year to quit porn and masturbation for ever. I have read many stories about heroes who were able to do it for good, it was extremely hard in the first few days, i literally felt like i am an unarmed man trying to win a war against an flooding army of urges, those days was like death keeps coming ,not to take my soul but just to hit it strongly and went back. Death was my top wish back then. I struggled for 45 days without porn or masturbation. Sometimes i forget about porn or to masturbation because i was so depressed and eaten by despair day by day. 5 minutes were enough to experience all the feelings, happiness, a little bit of hope then suddenly depression ,sorrow ,sadness, despair, anxiety, fear and loneliness. Later on i discovered that this was the flat line where no sexual desire at all. The the mesrible part was when an ads show up on FB , a new kind of porn ( i don't want advertise for it) this led me to masturbate twice on that night and here we go i watched porn later on but not as i used to sometimes once a week or even a month. Sorry to make it this long. I really really want to quit this horrible habit for ever and have a healthy happy life. Thanks
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    Keep coming back onto NoFap, and maybe check out the reddit nofap forums, although I have just heard they were good; I did not check them out myself.

    I find meditation and exercise helpful, daily.

    Take a good look at your goals and values in life. What do you want out of life? What makes life worth living? What is the most fun you have? What kinds of things get you into a state of flow, where everything seems amazing? Set your sights on goals for yourself, and your family if you have or want one. Rather than just trying not to do something, set your mind on what you do want to do. That should be a good start.

    There is a ton of good advice here. Keep looking for it, and you will find it.

    Good luck! You can do this!
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