Safe space? Do you guys want to f*ck hot girls or not feel bad about yourself

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by faplordxd, Jul 29, 2017.

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    hello guys,

    Recently theres been a lot of posts/comments getting deleted because they arent "positive" enough

    Now i get that we should be positive but you realize that girls will be much harsher on you than any of us on this forum

    Recent example: someone made a thread saying that hes too scared to ask a girl out and then i told him to not be a pussy and just ask her.

    That post got deleted. Even though the OP said thank you and that he needed to be told that. Once you start cold approaching youll get beaten into the dirt by girls emotionally

    So im just wondering is this a safe space where we're only supposed to talk about flowers and puppies? And if you deviate from that your posts get deleted? or is this where we can discuss becoming a man and dating beautiful girls

    Anyways just a couple thoughts. Mods delete it if you want but i think that everyone on this sub forum in particular can handle being told to just ask a girl out because thats all it comes down too

    Thanks for reading
  2. Well, I feel the need to call you out.

    Just what? I had actually gone through your posts and there's one that states "Ask her out pussy" so it didn't get deleted. This is not a place when you can only talk about flowers and puppies, it's normal forum. Even your TRP agenda hadn't been deleted cause it may help someone. And what's the story behind your PMO counter, I remembered that it went to 0 like few days ago, and It's now around 100. Do you have a travel machine or something? xD

    PS: Your thread, not your post was deleted. How to slay on tinder was either deleted by you, when other guy recognized your post as simply copy-paste from TRP forum, or by moderator who saw that it is simply stealing someone IP.

    PS2: Well, your another thread "The myth of beautiful women being approached and complimented all the time" is also another rip-off straight from TRP reddit. Jesus men, you didn't even alter one word xD
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  3. Noland

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    I am dead lol. I was going to politely call him out, but not like you did. Hilarious.
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  4. faplordxd

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    Look at the post author??? Its literally my thread look at the usernames also what do you mean im on day 101 sorry you cant make it that high so you have to think im lying

    git laid bro
  5. First - Ok, I'm taking this one back, I admit I've made a mistake about this all "myth" thing. (EDIT: Well, hell no, I'm not taking this back, it's rip-off from rsdnation forum xD And from what i've seen, you're also member there, so at least I know from where you've came here xD) And still you've not made a point about stealing IP from another person from TRP forum and spreading TRP agenda. First address that, and we can have a discussion.

    Second - I won't even try to reply to this ad personam argument cause it makes me laugh so hard xD
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  6. The Wrestler

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    Thanks for taking care of this, @Sirvius!
  7. I agree with you! I like to be straightforward and give my honest opinion (not sugarcoated) but I see sometimes people on here don't wanna hear it

    BTW not all girls are heartless people who play with guys feelings also some guys can be very evil. It works both ways
  8. The Consigliere

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    If the truth hurts you know it's right and you can't deny or hide from it. I don't see too much of an issue with your posts honestly. It helps others and gets them thinking, but not just thinking but doing.
  9. Maybe if you used less vulgar words then maybe you would have less trouble. Why not say 'stop being so scared and ask her out'? What were you trying to achieve by using that word? Were you trying to shame him? And isn't irresponsible to encourage someone living with shame to get into a relationship? Having shame or low self-esteem can absolutely wreck relationships!
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