Satan, Lucifer, Illuminati.

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    Not here to state what they are.
    But i got questions.
    Do you believe in them?
    Are they good beings?
    Do they hate or love us?
    Why is there people worshipping him?
    Why does he even exist?
    Who is Lucifer?
    Was he a brother of Adam?
    How did he become an angel?
    Or is he naturally created to be an angel?
    What did he do to become a fallen angel?
    Is Satan just a term for his army?
    What does Satan Worshippers do?
    Do they make illegal sacrifices?
    Do they have their own law?
    What is wrong and good to them?
    Satan loves the bad, surely they love what he loves right?
    So kidnapping a kid and raping her is okay to them?
    Murdering is okay to them?
    Why do people worship the companions of hell?
    What other would they expect then getting hell for themselves if they worship that which is a companion of hell?
    Is Satan God to them?
    Do they believe in the God of Good?
    Is our life relevant to Satan?
    Who or what is the Illuminati?
    What is their community about?
    Do they have a goal?
    What do they plan to do?
    Is it True that a inheritor of hell will arrive to earth to misguide people and tell them to worship him?
    Feel free to answer if you can.
    I know there's something called the "Internet" to look for the answers.
    But i just want to hear some thoughts and opinion regarding on this topic.

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