Sauna/cold shower alternation,mgtow, fasting, jumprope, lymphatic fluid, hair regrowth

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    Hello people. On and off for the last two years. I’m on a two week streak.
    If been looking to grow my hair back and have been listening to Raw Maraby on YouTube, and the lessons of wimhof the ice man.
    Both of my parents had cancer, but my dad didn’t make it. Feel free to inform yourself on the importance of lymph fluid because it is as important as cerebrospinal fluid and semen in my opponion.
    As of lately I’ve been fasting, until I can work out after work, then I workout, hit the sauna and alternate the cold showers in between. My hair in my bald spot is growing back slowly but surely.
    Also listening to mgtow, red pill, and alpha male content helps because I don’t really want anything from women other than companionship. Idk if it’s because I’m rebooting or what, but women seem like broke needy guys with different sexual organs. The more attention I put into my goals the more women are available to help me carry them out, only then can I afford to reward them with attention.
    Also I was watching random people on YouTube talk about fasting and one evangelist pastor said something to the effect of “ when you fast god is going to avenge you for everything the devil stole from you” I’m Muslim but that sh*t was bad ass and I was feeling it. I also need money because I live in Boston and it’s soo expensive to live. Me and my mom are going through it financially, so all my energy is going to my health, my clothing line @ Snkxswm on ig and my career. Attached is a picture of my scalp right now. Gave dawg on YouTube made me aware of some of the spiritual benefits of having my hair back so I’m not taking being bald as an option.F*ck that.

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    Lmfao!! :)

    Best of luck on your journey bud! :emoji_call_me:
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    My hair looks like yours. Fasting does help. I was intermittent fasting and my hair grew a little. I couldn't fast due to stress. Now, I can handle stress better.

    Inshalah we can conquer this.
  4. I don't think Johnny sins gives two flying fucks about being bald.
    Vanity. Definitely my favorite sin

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