Scammed and feeling so [email protected] LONELY

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by LoveIsAllWeNeed, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Today I lost thousands of euros due to a scam. My daughter has been looking for a new phone provider so I got a whatsapp message from a new phone number with her profile picture pretending it was her. I fell in the trap and got scammed! Now I'm feeling like sh*t.
    My daughter was hurt through my PMO and I thought I did her a big favor by advancing money. She seemed so happy with me and now I was tricked. I feel dirty. I'm so sad and feeling lonely.
    It's as if all the sh*t hasn't been enough. Everything I've done the last 1,5 years, I invested so heavily to improve my relationship with my wife and daughter and now, due to my stupid guilt and wanting so much for her to love me, I fell in an obvious trap. [email protected]
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    Shit happens, there are some devious bastards out there. Not your fault.
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    Not your fault !!
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    Hey Mate, I am 33 and basically broke, due to many stupid financial decisions in the past. It hurts and you feel bad about it, no way around it. But the only thing you can do is trying to do better in the future.

    That beeing said, since you mentioned Euro, I`ll assume that you are in the EU and that means if this happened today you can still get your money back. Contact your bank and the authorities ASAP, file a complaint/press charges and get a file number. With that you can very likely undo any withdrawals from your account within a certain timeframe ( usually 24-48hours). Do this now, if you have any questions you can pm me ( although I am no expert and it may vary a bit from country to country, I was able to get back criminal withdrawals from my bank account)
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    Thanks @d34dly, I did contact my bank, however they didn't withdraw from my account, I payed via a link. And the money was immediately cashed. That was the stupid thing. Every sane person would've felt this was wrong, but I wanted to please my daughter so much, I let myself be fooled by the obvious.
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    I understand your frustration, but you can’t blame yourself for this. Spoofing can trick anyone. Even the best educated bank employees have felled for this. You are a good person for trying to help out your daughter. Even though you are scammed, I’m sure she appreciates your will and kindness.
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  7. awww man! sorry to hear that

    Tell the truth to you daughter, she must know what happen. Its not your fault, she will understand
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    I know several people who have been scammed, and they always feel awful afterwards, like they've been stupid. I very nearly fell for one once and I have a PhD in computer science! I also know that scammers often target men by praying on our baser instincts. How did they trick you—they caught you off guard and used your love for your daughter. You may feel stupid, but no one is going to blame you for loving your daughter.
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    I was about to reveal my atm card details on phone to a stranger pretending to be a bank employee. luckily i realized in the nick of the time that it's a trap. i left my mobile in the taxi once n never got that back. ran helter skelter. filed police complaint. but didnt get it...
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    AWNiL, m so sorry that happened to you. That really sucks. Your goodness was used against you.
    Maybe another way to say what you ended with is that the guilt is probably not fixing things just making you feel less happy. My mind does that a lot. Then I have two problems, the thing that happened and extra imagined about how I did it wrong. I wish it would tell me ahead of time when I need to act differently :). But I don't think that voice in my head is interested in helping me get better things in life or learn any lessons. Certainly I can learn lessons from part actions, that is how my mentor defines guilt, different from remorse which is being beaten up for honest mistakes. But that voice in my head is so good at among to want to help me learn when really it just wants me to feel miserable so that I will give in to pm+ use. Thank goodness I haven't had to, there's always that to be grateful for right? I don't mean that to sound flippant in comparison to the thousands of euros you lost, I'm very sorry that happened to you.
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