Scared of Life! Anxiety, issues, etc. help?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by FapFapFapNoMore, Dec 13, 2018.

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    I'm 26 years old...looking for a job as an I.T. Graduate. I feel like I am late in life...All my friends either have a wife and a kid/s, and succeeding. Me...always addicted to today I played 8 hours of Fallout now I am selling my copy on ebay to get rid of it. I have always been looking for a job as a Web I can finally have my own car and get out of my parents house. :( I really just wanna succeed and get a wifey and kids already. I am on day 54, still feeling depressed and I feel like its a flatline. This is hard...
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    Just toss it in the trash
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    1.) You are young, trust me. I was starting on my 4th life at 26!
    2.) Be sure you really want a wife and kids, not just because others have them. For me that would be the future I wish for.
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    Hey im IT too! What's helping me right now, is Meditating, journaling here, and talking to an AP. The thing with this addiction is that we need to fill we the time we used pmoing with healthy actions.
    There's nothing wrong with games but it has ton be in moderation. 8 hours is to much lol

    If you have any questions your always free to PM me
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    8 minutes of that game will give you depression. Then again I have 1.7k in csgo which pretty aids.
    I feel alot like you describe. Living in parents house feels stifling too. Feels like I'm just a kid.
    I think instead of looking at others success we should just focus on our own.
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