Scared of perminent flatline/deaddick

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    I recently started my NoFap journey alongside No Nut November, because I suffered from both porn addiction and PIED. In terms of relapse I'm going pretty strong, but I am having troubles with not watching any porn at all, since I have made it a subconscious habit of whenever I am bored to just look at porn without doing anything. I am slowly, but surely overcoming this as well, since this is a bigger problem for me than wanting to masturbate.

    The main thing I am worried about is complete loss of sex drive. Since I am abstracting myself from any sorts of porn some days pass without getting any erections. This gives me a lot of anxiety and paranoia. Sometimes I break and look up some porn just to check if I can still get an erection. But by doing so I feel like I'm not making any progress and getting back to square 1.

    Do any of you guys have the same worries? How do you check if you can still perform?

    (I'm sorry if I've made any mistakes or if some parts aren't pleasant to read this is my first post)

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