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    everyone here at least Masturbated once! we all have seen the effects and even the reason which this site is created is that.we are trying to stop this bad habit.but why healthcare professional's and every doctor you visit keep's telling you that masturbation is a healthy sexual act which a person can here we are going to put Science vs Experience.

    depression.the illness which is taking over humanity.first tell me that do you know about reasons that depression starts in a person? dont you know?well, nobody knows.not even the best doctors.please don't tell me that chemical imbalances is causing depression cause that's not proven.nothing is proven.i told all this to reach this point.when doctors don't know what is depression and how or what triggers it how are the going to explain sex?how much they know?is it more than some mri pictures of the brain and saying YES WE FOUND WHAT IS SEX its DOPAMINE rush!!!can you explain orgasm to a child which had no orgasm until now? can you explain depression to a hopeful person? a big NO.

    Experience is the winner here.when we are talking about cutting your hand by knife.experience cause creation of knowledge;but why when im going to my doctor and asking him about masturbation he keeps telling its good?everyone here is suffering the bullshit side effects of faping. so again i rather to be with the experience side here.because the doctor is not showing me what happens in brain while faping BUT the people and myself getting out of it, feel better and better day by day.

    science says its good to walk in jungle BUT
    experience says a bear attacked a guy last night and killed him

    which are you going to choose?
    accepting the fact that a guy is dead and his bloody shirt is somewhere in jungle
    or going with knowledge which tells you go walk there and be healthy?
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    Experience is a form of science.
    The doctors who tell you to masturbate are part of a industry, with a product to push.
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    Is because PMO is not yet considereded by "science" as an addiction. I think doctors don't know at all about long term effects of PMO, and also i think they give this advice (that M is normal) from the biological, anatomical, physiological point of view, not from the psicological or mind, addcitions, etc.
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