Scratch my back and I scratch yours.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Ajbee12, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Ajbee12

    Ajbee12 Fapstronaut

    I needs an accountability partner, key word “need”. I’m so tired of acting like I can handle everything on my own without needing no one’s help, this shit ain’t easy. So let’s do ourself a favor and keep each other accountable because this ain’t a battle for one. I’m a 19 y/o male btw.
  2. Nn2197

    Nn2197 Fapstronaut

    23yo male here. I can dm u if u want
  3. NaturalPornKiller

    NaturalPornKiller Fapstronaut

    Shit I need an AP as well. Realize it isn't gonna amount to much if I don't at least have the opportunity to communicate with someone who's dealing with the same shitty struggle. It's almost too easy to just say, "fuck it" sometimes. During instances such as that I think having an AP would do wonders as far as making that decision or not. Guess I'll find out one way or Another
  4. Anyone who needs an AP can message me immediately. I just started a new streak today only.

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