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    Welcome to SLSC. This challenge is about refraining from using screens on Sundays. Specifically 24 hours starting from the moment you wake up Sunday morning through Monday morning.

    Challenge commences next Sunday. Today will be roll call as will every Saturday from now on. There is no timeframe. However there are titles one can achieve the longer they go in this. I mean titles earned that only apply to one in this thread. If I could add a title under your username once you achieved it surely I would.

    It doesn't sound like it might be worthy of being honored with a title for but having attempted to not use screens on Sundays before I can tell you we are all savagely dependent on screen tech.

    Titles (your name will be added to the list as you complete them and a special picture awarded to you designating you with the title in it)

    Squire - 1 Sunday (a full 24 hours through Monday sometime)
    Sentinel - 2 consecutive Sundays (back to back weeks)
    Scholar - 2 Sundays out of order (if you miss a consecutive week but come back and do another Sunday after your first)

    List will be organically updated and I will keep an eye on all challengers. Quotes, interviews, and the like are encouraged to show just how important distancing yourself from becoming too dependent on screens is. Post something below to register for next Sunday.

    P.S. If you have a smartphone and no other means of communicating you are permitted to access the phone for emergencies and to receive calls. No texts permitted in this challenge.
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    The powers that be want us all locked in glass cages. Except they don't want us to know we are actually in a cage. Maybe that is an extreme way of seeing it so it is just for emphasis I guess. Screens will run your brain if you let them. They will run you, as a master controls its servant.

    If you think screens are vital to life, you're a techie. Most technologists feel that humans should never be disconnected from them I would gander. I simply feel we should view this from multiple angles and not blindly worship digital technology, that's all.

    Look at how technology is evolving. The jukebox hero is a lost figure. The new hero will be wearing a video game suit and connecting to others online that worship him.
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    I will try to make an intricate grand opening post next Saturday. Roll call is going on from now until then. Just post something to be enrolled. If someone moves ahead of the current title achievements new ones will be added.



    Btw this is an organic challenge. You can automatically win by moving to a digitaless cabin in the countryside.


    Or build a tiny house in your backyard or somewhere that does not connect to the internet at all nor contains a screen of any kind.
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    Challenge cancelled.

    Screens are basically now part of the way people live.

    I however will be routinely tech fasting and will share my thoughts elsewhere.

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