Screw PMO, Gym and inspiration it is.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by FrequencyLimbos, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. FrequencyLimbos

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    I'm not going to continue this pathetic charade, I've been a lazy loser my whole life, always seeking the easy way out, putting down others who have even a glimmer of hope out of jealousy and hatred, but no more.

    it's time i finally put some effort in, pmo may have gotten a hold of me as a child, but this won't be enough, I'll be better, this is another horrible challenge that's disguised as a gift, this pain, this hardship will make me stronger.

    my mindset is filled with negativity, i don't remember a day where it wasn't attacking my mind, it's time to change, always focusing on what i cant do or how worthless i am in this world.

    my father was abusive, a fool who couldn't control his own impulses by having four children, never had the intelligence to realise the psycho he had them with, he's a failure who took out his shortcomings on us, I'll improve myself and strengthen my mind, even if it's mostly by myself, i have no choice now, I've been running away all my life, from pain, worry doubt, i refuse to be like my father, i won't let him put me down anymore, what i do next is for me and me alone.

    i will see just how far i can go in the gym, I've been hiding from reality, numbing myself with drugs to hide even further, ignoring opportunities, jobs and help. I'm going to be better than a lowly fapper, pmo can go to hell, it's just a pale imitation.
  2. Headphones in, tunnel vision, and take out your stress on the weights. Most peaceful method of violence there is, and with great return
  3. Akbarmagnus

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    bodybuilding has nothing to do with violence, martial art does but in a peaceful way.
  4. Perspectives man, you may not view it that way
  5. Make those gains, you got it. Discipline, dedication, consistency.
  6. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    haha, that plan got shot up, i met a mate, smoked a joint and then 6 weeks of weed and wank (lol) gym gut sidelined.
    i may not gym yet, but since I have a 5 days a week job, I'm happily occupied and it funnily enough, gives, me more energy.
  7. PegasusKid

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    I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself and generally self shame and self criticism, as tough or disciplined as it might seem, doesn't really produce the results people want a lot of the time and just brings in more negativity. Forgive yourself for the past and understand that a lot of it wasn't in your control to begin with, and sometimes we cope in ways that aren't good for us long term because all the mind wants is comfort from the negativity.

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