Searching for motivation after 5 weeks

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    Hello everybody,
    I am on my sixth week of no PMO, I feel a lot of progress, i can count some here :-
    1- more self-confidence
    2- work progress
    3- sticking to diet and losing weight
    4- gym regularly and upward progression
    5- solved problems "oogling and objectifying"
    6- partial return of morning wood 'about 11 c.m for 15 min'
    7- a wet dream

    But actually i feel less motivated to continue, i feel the slope of progression is decreasing, a lot more bored. In the previous month i was feeling progression like everyday, i like picking the fruits of my challenge trees.

    Now as this progression is going up slowly, i feel in a need of other motivation.

    May you help me.

    N.b sorry for poor English, i am not a native speaker.
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    I am the same. Just keep going!
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