Searching Triggering Stuff, Need Advice

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Burgundy_Outlier, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Burgundy_Outlier

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    I've noticed that when I am on my NoFap streak, while I physically feel amazing from retaining my semen, my mind still feels the bombardment of high-speed Internet.

    When I am on these long streaks, I tend to search things I shouldn't search (and I've noticed that these behaviors do contribute to my downfall on a streak.) Even unintentionally, they will appear. Then I know I'm really going to fail if I search up my fetishes that are not P, but it'll eventually get there. It sucks too, I get aroused from these fetishes that are not P and it tells me I still have PIED. Sometimes I notice, and shut it down in an instance, other times my willpower lets me get out, but that's only some times.

    So I've blocked certain keywords and websites on my laptop, but my PMO mind could easily remove it if it wanted to. On my iPhone, since it only has the restrictions for websites, I restricted a lot of websites I actually needed. And I've managed to forget my password on there, meaning I would have to reset my entire phone to get those settings formated. However, I do know that as soon as I remove the restrictions, I'm going to PMO.

    Any advice?

    Note: Don't tell me to not use the Internet or delete social media. I actually really need those.
  2. You could try an accountability app if you have someone you trust to help you with it.
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  3. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Well, it was (and to certain extend still is) my problem. Early in reboot your urges are more often tricking you into looking for triggering material than into PMO directly and it sucks. I don't have definite answear to this but what I know for sure is that watching this material is even worse than resetting and must be avoided at all cost.
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    @Burgundy_Outlier I'm in same boat brother. I think, it's a combination of your brain wanting to "M" and it knows "P" is the path to get there. Also, "P" is the path we've trained our brain, so the thought of "M" is associated with "P". If that makes any sense. But I do know I struggle with the same exact thing.

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