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    Hey everyone,

    I hope all of you are doing well and having a great start to 2018. I created this thread to introduce myself and get to know about fellow members. I'm just going to give you all some background about myself and my motivation for joining the forums.

    So, I'm a 28 year old male. I started fapping at around 13 years old. At the start it was mostly pictures I found online since I didn't have high speed internet (back in 2002). I started watching video content at around age 18, in 2007. At that point I was quite happy to fap and had no idea what harm it was doing to me. This continued for many years. During this whole duration I remained a virgin and never had a relationship with any girl, so my only outlet was PMO.

    Fast forward to 2016. I completed my Master's degree in electrical engineering, landed a nice job and I was still PMO'ing. Then last year in 2017 I suddenly lost interest in everything. I was tired all the time, lost interest in all my hobbies. I was even struggling at work, where I didn't thing anything I did was worth doing at all. Generally, everything sucked. I was so tired that I couldn't stay up after 7pm in the evening. All I wanted to do was sleep.

    At the start of this year, I decided to try NoFap. I started on 1st of January but relapsed on the 5th after I looked at some pictures online again. "Not again", I thought to myself. From that day onwards to today, I have managed to go about without PMO and I noticed the effects immediately. I have now much more energy, I am socializing with people again, I started exercising daily and I am much more efficient at work. On top of that, I have no more cravings because I know that if I relapse, I'll have to start all over again an I don't want that at all. Only thing I am worried about is that even if I don't watch porn, there are still old images embedded in my memory that I will never forget. My only way to cope with this is to think about something else as soon as one of those images pops up.

    I know that initially NoFap is supposed to feel great, but then comes the dreaded "flatline" where you lose all your energy. I haven't felt it up to this point, but I guess that the tolerance is different for everyone. I will keep you up to date if it happens to me.

    Apart from that, I am getting engaged to a nice girl soon and hopefully by the time we marry, I will have successfully cured myself and completed my reboot. So, that's it from me for now. Thanks for reading my story and if you have any questions or tips, do let me know.
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    Hi @gunslinger215
    Glad to meet you here. And very welcome to join us in our journey to a healthy, fulfilling life without any self harming habits.

    It's a safe place here. We all are in the same boat, so there is no single space for judgement here.
    Maybe it's a good idea to keep a journal. Sharing your struggles, thoughts and feelings may help you to understand the underlying issues.

    Keep coming back and get the most effort out of nofap!
    You don't need to do it alone!

    Let's go to work!
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  3. gunslinger215

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    Hi @Roady nice to meet you too. Thanks for your welcoming words. I look forward to posting my progress here. Thanks again for the kind welcome!
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    You're welcome!
    Keep us informed about your progress. Have a nice day!
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  5. Hey @gunslinger215 ,

    I'm just a normal ordinary member. No moderator super powers and no special insite. I share my ESH (Experience, Strength and Hope) of what works for me.

    Just another warm welcome and a heart felt hello. This community has helped me so much.

    What worked for me was "working" it. It took hard work for me to complete a hard reboot (No pmo) for 120 days, then move into a Sex Positive mode.

    First, reading the literature published by NoFap itself along with reading journals.

    Then, doing the work. Writing in my journal and replying to introductions and other's journals.

    Finally, but not least, getting involved with the fellowship. I found it on the forums, but also in people's profiles. The forums tend to be longer posts, where the profiles tend to be more "conversational".

    That is what has worked for me. I like to remind myself that this community was here waiting for me with the lights on when I arrived. Now, I have to do my best to be there when someone comes to the community.

    * L

    PS: Say Hello to a few members. Just open their profile and say "hi" and introduce yourself. You'll find a great community. This is only a short list. There are many many more great people on here.

    @GeeWhizz Journals at:
    @julianstone Journals at
    @PatrickR Journals at:
    @HerculesStop Journals at:
    @zakes Journals at:
    @DavidGibson Journals at:
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