Secretly texting girlfriends mum

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Trucker, May 31, 2018.

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    i have largely stopped myself recently but still relapse occasionally especially after a few drinks in the evening.
    I started to fancy her a couple of years ago and had quite innocent conversations and ended up texting occasionally to make usual arrangements and it was just that for over a year or so. I did some obvious flirting even though I knew it was ridiculous and nothing more than a bit of cheeky joking about.
    I was a bit confused myself when I began to have sexual fantasies about her and thought it a bit ridiculous as I'd never consider there would be any possibility of anything happening between us.
    Eventually she started flirting back with a naughty look that confirmed she was definitely up for it.
    My girlfriend never witnessed any of my inappropriate suggestive flirting and I did feel guilty but continued to encourage her mothers attention.
    One night I got carried away and wrote a pretty smutty text and didn't think I'd actually dare send it as it definitely broke the pretence of merely innocent teasing. Being extremely horny I sent it,that's when things got serious.
    I had to be extremely careful not to let my partner catch on to my dirty secret but it was also absolutely thrilling to talk dirty to the woman I'd fantasised over.
    I think we've both become a bit obsessed with each other,we've not had sex but have kissed,I get a pounding boner whenever I see her and now it's very difficult to disguise my obvious lust for her especially because she will deliberately try to tease me and dresses very sexily which I love but it's becoming too much.
    I know if I cheated I'd be deserving of any contempt I'd get but still can't stop sending her raunchy texts. As long as it stays just flirting between us I don't think it's any real harm and she always replies in kind!
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    Are you... are you asking for advice?
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    She's not a cougar. She's a sabre tooth tiger.
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    Yeah really Nomar, OP shoulda' put a trigger warning on this one:emoji_laughing:
  5. In a way you are already plotting to cheat your girlfriend with her own mother. At least your subconsciousness does. This is a most dangerous game, because it will not only break the trust between yourself and your girlfriend forever, but can do terrible harm to her relationship with the mother also. And believe me, it will come to the light of day sooner or later.
    You already totally crossed the line with your smutty text, but the damage still can be limited. But if you start to make out with her, your girlfriend will instinctivly feel it, your own and the mothers strongly radiated guilt will irritate her that something is fishy and as longer you both would be able to hide it from her before she finally finds out, as bigger will be the felt betrayal in the end. Even worse, because if you are really already over forty years old, I presume your girlfriend being much younger, cause I hardly doubt you would text an elder lady smutty texts.

    Don´t do this to her or bear the consequences.

    Don´t be one of the guys, who run open eyes into their personal life desaster and complain later in a public forum desperately about it, how he has fucked it up all by himself.
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    yeah some people can't ever act responsibly. Either you stop there either you keep on and achieve what you started, but don't complain after it will be done! And yes obviously that is not very nice to say the least but ultimately take responsability.
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    Just keep thinking about the real life harmful consequences of your actions for your girlfriend, yourself, her mother, and probably other people. It's an understandable horny fantasy but in the end it's not worth it. If it's got to the point of kissing you might want to have a conversation with the mother about how you have to stop for the sake of your girlfriend/her daughter.
  8. @Trucker sorry this might seem harsh but...

    You should break up with your girlfriend and get as far away from her family as possible. You've crossed a boundary that you should never have been crossed and this whole thing is a complete mess. Sure, this kind of happens in porn but porn isn't real! You've messed things up and things will never be the same again. The best thing you can do is get away and deal with your issues.
  9. This whole thing sounds pretty messed up to me. Having a fantasy is understandable to an extent, but you have gotten yourself in deep. There is no way for this to end well in my opinion. If you stay with your girlfriend and drop the thing with the mother, it will always be awkward seeing her and something is bound to come out. If you end up being with your girlfriend and her mother....thats just messed up and people are bound to get hurt. I would agree with wave surfer, its time to move on.
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    You’ve already cheated. You’ve already wronged your girlfriend. You’ve already broken your contract. This is in no way right or acceptable and you definitly shouldn’t continue unless you break up with your girl friend right now and tell he the truth. YOU ARE DESTROYING SOMEONE’s LIFE!

    I have this fantasy as well and I got as far as writing a very detailed erotic story about my mother in law. Which my SO found and that’s what landed me here.

    Please stop and spend a few minutes thinking about how your thoughts and actions affect other people and stop just thinking about what makes you horny. I promise you will regret it if you don’t.
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    You are off the deep end man, nothing can Mae this work
  12. I agree you should completely remove yourself from the family entirely. Or just be upfront about it to the mother and tell her these are just sexual fantasies I've been having in my head and this is not real love at all I would be doing a lot more damage to you and your family if we continued doing this. You have to remember women are wired primarily to be emotional and they can become quite jealous. The end result is only chaos.

  13. Vedas_fr

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    He just has to stop playing this game and get back to living normally, things might be fine. However, from my experience, people don't change a lot in life, so his girlfriend should leave him
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    I don't think his girl knows about this. If his girl''s mother keeps her mouth shut, then he will have to make a move. He should definitely stop messing with that older woman. That's a no-go. It is very disrespectful to his girl and her family. Then he should decide on how he wants to proceed.

    Then they should fight their father first (haha). This is so f*cked up, man. This guy took cheating to
    a whole new level.
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  15. Wait wait wait I just noticed how old OP is.... if that’s true then gf’s mom is in her 60s!
  16. Yoooo that's insane :/
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  17. kio_actualized

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    Go for it if you want to screw your gf's life. Will you feel good when you totally fuck her feelings?
    Hopefully your answer is no. Then stop it BEFORE it's too late.
  18. Gotham Outlaw

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    He could be a manther. Then the mom wouldn't be much older than him.

    He leaves, or he sends some text to Mama Bear that totally terminates any possibility of this happening - if that is even possible.
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