Secretly texting girlfriends mum

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Trucker, May 31, 2018.

  1. Judging by your post it does not sound like you feel bad about it cos you betray your GF's trust. You just don't want to get caught. So since you do not have a moral issue with it might as well go full 9 yards.

    P.S. How do you know that your GF doesn't know? Maybe her mother told her and they both are trolling you and laughing behind your back? Or maybe your GF is secretly hoping that you will make a move so she can jump in because she is very aroused about the idea of threesome with her mom involved? Or maybe...

    ...maybe you are immoral sinner and need Jesus!

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  2. Julius93

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    This doesn't even happen in porn. At least not in the way you describe it. I am both disgusted and excited at the same time. Now, I want to know how the story ended.
  3. He was playing a zero sum game. There are no winners. I bet that's why he never replied. Some people need to learn the hard way.
  4. Actually, he hasn't even been on the site since 15 minutes after the OP.
  5. I knew a woman who was hotter than her daughters. The daughter's husband once stated that Mom was "fine" and (as relayed to me by the Mom) the daughter's hairs stood up on the back of her neck.

    Women do NOT want to be upstaged my their Moms.
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  6. Gotham Outlaw

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    Lol. "My ex is my stepdad now." That would be so weird.
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    Hahahhahahha. I was thinking the same way. Man you made all of us hornet already :)
  8. Theguywiththething

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    Ever watch Bill and Ted?
    I wasn't a hornet before, but I wish I was now
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  9. performerbf

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  10. Gotham Outlaw

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    Lol I forgot about that.
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  11. The Strategist

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    Make a decision.

    Stop playing around.
  12. LOL!

    what's Bill and Ted?
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  14. Yeah, I looked on Wiki, I didn't see anybody marrying their GF's mom. Just one guy's stepmom marrying the other guy's dad.
  15. Its funny how this thread wont die even though the OP hasnt responded since the first post lol.
  16. Reading the responses here, one last word for the OP:
    Who is without sin (mistakes) throw the first stone. I see a lot of judgements here.
    Shouldn't we better care about each other as we all are in the same boat here! (struggling with porn and all the results of that)
    Let's wish the OP peace, love and wisdom to make the right decisions in his life.
  17. The one who's really being fucked up is the dad
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  18. Only if he's anywhere to be found. So often he isn't.
  19. Trucker

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    No I hadn't logged on until just now,actually quite busy. Anyway it sounds like a resounding no from the jury

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