Secretly texting girlfriends mum

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  1. Hahahaha, what a fucking bad ass. "It would make for a great story later." Is he writing a fucking book? How to be alpha as fuck by WayIare's friend. I mean, it's obviously fucked up, but that shit is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.
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    @Roady has a point/astute observation, imo. The primary relationship -- with the girlfriend -- does not sound romantic or even love-based, regardless of how much "love" is being "made." Frankly, even the relationship between mother and daughter seems less than really loving. And one even has to wonder about the romantic health of a daughter raised by a mother who'd do this to her under her very nose. At whatever level of consciousness, the daughter may well have already been harmed by this.

    For him, since "all is fair in _lust_ and war" a new potential play partner may seem irresistible even if -- or maybe especially since -- it's the mother. Even if the relationship with the girlfriend were made in Heaven, it's difficult for a pure relationship to run parallel with incest-like actions or even fantasies. At some level of consciousness, then, the primary relationship is already polluted.

    Technically, a multi-month reboot can help us snap out of such conundrums before its destructive dynamic does even more damage. But is that realistic in this situation? Can one maintain (or establish) a healthy relationship with the daughter while avoiding that the porn-induced mind drives one to such destructive practices incest-like sex with the live-in parent? A reboot may be the theoretical answer to this conundrum, but to achieve it practically in this case, something may have to be sacrificed... After all, we can only have and attract healthy relationships to the extent that we're healthy. Given the texts etc., one could argue that the relationship with the daughter has already begun to end... unfortunately.
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    He is right. I'm a.little broken hearted and it really sucks. The only possible way I would see this work would be IF it would be ok with your gf for you to hook up with her mom. But that I have no idea how to even mention to see if it would be ok. How is she with her mom or mum? Are they close? Are.they open to talking about sex etc if that makes any sense? But really that would be the only correct way IF you were to want to bang her mum without her being upset. Maybe I'm wrong but yea I won't deny that does sound like a fun fantasy but if it isn't right it's not right is It? However what is more important to you?
    A fling that could ruin a family. Or leave the whole situation and break up/Or make it workout and be there for your gf and don't ever mention it or get close to the edge of the cliff.

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