Secrets Of The Seas

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    The seas hold many secrets.

    What an overpopulated malestrom of a world we live in when they are being ravaged by pollution, what good are their secrets if they just turn into toxic liquid dumps?

    Sometimes I feel like my days are running out on one big Toxic Garbage Island we call Earth.

    Mysterious form, soul in the dark
    Under this heavy sealing concrete waves
    Followed by servants, funeral cortege
    This pale ghost is gathering his strength

    Ghost, pale, the procession is crawling
    Plastic form dead things it is now so clear
    How could I fail to understand
    Cities are burning the trees are dying
    My heart awake but still
    Pain is killing me
    Pain is killing me

    Take this pestilent destruction out of my way
    The great pacific garbage patch is exhausting
    And the world is sliding away
    In a vortex of floating refuse
    With the sacred one you have lost

    Plastic bag in the sea [4x]

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