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    Hi guys, wanted to share something with you all. I started NOFAP a week ago, because of my sP addiction issues, and problematic sexual behaviour and other problems in life.
    As much as i have seen that this program does people good, i am not gonna log in for 2 months.
    Why? Because one of my main issues was constantly going on online sex chats, meeting with strangers and telling them fake experiences, sharing my fake photos only so i could masturbate. It was something like i have created an sissy alter ego, who appears every time i get hard and start using internet.
    Ive seen that that particular alter-ego has started appearing here also, because this constant checking for alerts, messages, and interraction with strangers pulled out the triggers in my head for my sissy alter-ego to awaken.
    So, i will continue NOFAP program, but in this particular way:
    1.Complete internet usage will be minimazed (i will use internet only for gaining educational resources, checking sports results and watching good movies or tv shows, i will use it on my phone for checking when the bus will arive, i will use Whatsapp and music apps). I will not use any social media, not search for any porn or forums regarding my issues what so ever. That way i will put my alter ego to sleep for 2 months.
    2. I will read as many philosophy and sexology books regarding my issues, so i will get some knowledge that way.
    3.I will do stuff that makes me feel much better, that i do not do only because i am lazy. Exercise at least once a day, give away junk food, meditate. I will dress in more casual and lighter clothing, so my body can rest from all the things that has been through. I will visit the church and the nearby monastery as much as i can on the weekends to get peace. I will also spend alot of time with nature, just observing, fishing, hiking, running, riding a bicycle, even meditating deep in the woods.
    4. I will reset my home enviorment to be more calm (more plants, more beutifull scents, more light and whiteness)
    5. I will start going to the therapist. As often as i can. No matter how much it cost.
    6. I will surrounde myself with the people that make me laugh, that make me happy. Partying will not be my main goal anymore. I will sacrifice 1 year in order to live happier the rest of my life. I am only 20, one year is nothing compared on what is waiting for me.

    I call this the "Diego" program . Diego is the name that has always associated me with the guys who are always calm, comfortable, with high-self esteem and much sucess with women. I know it sounds silly, but that is how i see it. I will not try to be another person, i will just just try to be more "Diego" and less "Victoria", "Ciara" or whatever my sissy alter-ego were. Everybody has an alter ego, or as somebody said here, two wolves fighting for dominance inside us. I just want to moderate and improve mine.

    So, much love from Europe. Be sure that i will update you after 60 days. We will see how it goes. If anyone is feeling supportive, if they check my profile and see that ive been online, be free to send me a "Wtf are you doing" message.

    Much love from Europe again, see you in 2 months.

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    I recommend using the pluckeye extension to start your streak as well. It will block all images and videos from the internet for however you want.
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