Seeking help and advice after 7 days of no PMO due some troubles

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    iam 20 and I started researching about nofap, retention, no pmo and about brain on porn last year and i started several times without proper knowledge so i relapse several times due to no reason. its just a try but i started again last week with proper knowledge about how to do it because i felt my life is not going well and no happiness ,stress and social anxiety, zero focus on my work, unsuccessful feelings due to PMO, at the end im a guy who knows a to z about porn and last was the femdom addiction that what i chased lastly on porn and it gave me an entire new addiction and kinks and even i lost my interest of entire normal porn video categories . after this i felt my life even worst i just so eager to edge and last for couple of weeks, iam eager to mastrubate and not ejaculate because iam losing my feelings and eager after ejaculation. one day i wanted to escape this frame of pmo and started to control my addictions with huge motivation by focusing on my work and studies realizing that porn gives me nothing. these are my changes after start i need know why and anyone experience any of these.
    day 1 :- no changes except the eager to watch porn and mastrubate( i just controlled my self)
    day 2 to 3:- strong head aches random erections and fever like symptoms last for 2 days. i cant do anything except
    ( This is important)
    day 4 to 7:- huge motivation, i felt great , i started meditation, increased focus on my studies great workout strength blissful feeling and cant even explain, i worked for hours i was happy about my self and decided to keep going due to i never experienced it. i experienced random erections and pornographic thoughts when im going to sleep and at my work but i forgot it due to that huge motivation And also going to try dopamine detox.
    iam currently passing my 2nd week im still decided to keep going but i feel again those feeling inside my mind again i cant focus on my work i started my day usual. but when working and studying my brain focus on just browsing, watching youtube to escape stress and no happiness again and my brain pops up random pornographic thoughts and flashbacks of my past life telling me to relapse but i can resist porn and ejaculation strongly but i need further assitance from u guys because im living a lonely single life. please i need your help me what to happening to my brain why that feeling is not long lasting will it comeback what should i expect on next 2 months don't forget tell your experiences if u don't mind because this is important.
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    Looks like your struggles are real bad. But the struggle is 'the path'. I'm sure you'll pass this phase, if not soon.
    Few tips:
    Take deep breaths whenever you get images of pornography in your head.
    Keep working and focus on your primary goal.
    Do not edge. It doesn't serve the purpose of quitting PMO. Plus it adds a new pain above your pelvic region and further causes pain at the muscles near the anus.

    I have not achieved 90 day retention target till date. But came closer to it. The more you self control your thoughts, the greater control you'll achieve and vice versa. This was my major take away and hope it helps you too!
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    You are going through withdrawal. If you give up an addiction, it will never run smoothly, you will get symptoms. This is one of those symptoms you are describing. It's actually healing. I would recommend you to strengthen your inner self in this phase. That is your best investment in not relapsing. Try with all your might to put out the sexual thoughts like a cigarette and not play with them. It will only lead you back to masturbation. And you need to restructure your inner self. That means rewiring your thoughts. Write down the thoughts that come to you during this phase. Afterwards, you should transform these thoughts: "The addiction is too big, I will fall off the wagon sooner or later!". Response: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, pleasure is not so important to me, but my freedom is." Write down all the thoughts that hinder you in your healing process and make a response to them. In this way, a safety system is implanted in you. If you now repeat and read these things for weeks and months, your subconscious will transform itself and work not against you but for you.

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