Seeking rebooter from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for television show

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  1. CASTING CALL: Top Premium Cable Network / Documentary Series seeks America’s Rebooters – modern day pioneers who are interested in seizing control of their sexuality and re-wiring their brain on porn. These renegades live by their own code, and reject certain aspects of the digital age. Are you one of these Rebooters? Do you want to abstain from porn and masturbation and live by your own rules? Do you want to recover from porn addiction, compulsive sexual behaviors, and porn-induced erectile dysfunction? Do you want increased energy, improve your relationships and live life more fully? Do you want to take part in the Reboot Camp™? Then we want you!

    NoFap and partner production company are seeking a porn addict / rebooter from near Pittsburgh PA to appear on a national television show (more details will be revealed to applicants). You'll sit down and discuss porn addiction, pornography, and related issues in a roundtable discussion around a campfire. Requires an overnight stay and lodging will be provided near Pittsburgh PA. All expenses covered, including food. Shooting the evening of Friday 8/28 and the morning of Saturday 8/29.

    You can remain anonymous through blurring / fancy camera work, but we would prefer if you can appear on-camera un-edited.

    Please private message me if you are interested, or email [email protected].

    Please specify:

    • Your location
    • Your age
    • How long you've been addicted to porn
    • How long you've been trying to quit porn, if at all
    • How successful you have been in quitting porn (your current streak), if you are currently rebooting
    • Why you decided that you want to quit porn
    • Whether you are willing to appear on camera with blurring versus appear on camera publicly
    Thank you for your time!
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  2. Why do this?
    One of the last things I have ever imagined myself doing is broadcasting my most embarrassing problems on national television. But I feel like sharing my human experience will benefit many other humans, and ultimately that is all that is permanent - not the embarrassment. I will die, and people will forget my fetishes or whatever else I share before then, but my decisions will live on, and I hope to make good decisions that cumulatively benefit humanity in a small way.

    I hope that sharing my story will inspire at least one other person out there to live a more fulfilling life. And from there they will do the same for somebody else. The butterfly effect is real, and who knows what the possibilities are. The embarrassment is only temporary and it feels good to have nothing to hide.
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  3. Pixelated Victory

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    Dagonnit! I live in Pittsburgh, however I am leaving for school this upcoming weekend. I hope you find someone and I wish the event nothing but success.
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  4. Dizzy Lotus

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    I really hope you'll find something, and this will go well and really do something to help many people! [​IMG]
  5. Moxie

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    I would do it, anything to help others with PMO, addiction, I live in the Seattle area. Is that a problem?
  6. We're shooting in Pittsburgh and production can't fly any more people in. Documentary-style things usually don't have big budgets.
  7. WarriorOfStrong

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    great....i can totally do that for a US Visa XP

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