Seeking rebooters for television show!

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  1. VanillaMochi

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    I want to reboot because I have seen the benefits of making this change in this reboot, and other attempts
    I am currently on day 38. My longest streak was 78 days.
    Some of my goals aside from quitting PMO are to stop my other addictions which this website/decision has played a big part in.
    I am abstaining from both porn and masturbation. I am unclear on sex but I haven't had any since starting this streak.
    My location is in the United States although for the purpose of anonymity it isn't Chicago. I just put Chicago because it had "Chic" in it. :eek:
    I am in my late 20's, male.
    I am willing to appear on camera without editing but I may be too busy to respond to fan mail.

    All jokes aside - If considered, thank you for the opportunity and I'll do my best to tell my story and help others in need who may struggle with the same problems as me.

    God bless.
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  2. StarKing

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    Would do it but live in would be good to see it when it has been aired.
  3. Fallior

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    Wow, I'm interested in this actually. Though I'm also wondering. What exactly would be covered financially in this and what would be out of pocket expenses in terms of flight, travel, food, etc?

    How trustworthy is this company? It would suck to be left stranded in a city you've never been to before.

    How long will those chosen be there for?
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  4. I'm not exactly sure which expenses are covered and which aren't, but it is pretty standard to pay for flight, travel, and per diem for food and stuff. They probably would only need you for a day or two, but this is up to you and your schedule and comfort.

    VERY trustworthy company. Not sure if I can say the company here, but applicants would be told early on in the process. Super legitimate and has produced some very noteworthy things in the past.
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  5. KyleDobermann

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    Hey, can those who've technically overcome PIED and all the rest still apply if they're still abstaining from M and P ?
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  6. Spider92

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    That is awesome! I would love to watch this program but I don't have the right profile for the show.
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  7. OSU32

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    I will do it. I would be anonymous, tho. This is an opportunity for sharing education/experience on this subject. Clear insight and understanding from an experiential view, is limited. I do not wish to participate in the camp. I have one-on-one guys I am accountable with from the Nofap community, plus I am an Admin in a WhatsApp group.
  8. climberjunkie

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    so Im thinking about doing it.. how does the procedure work, what date will it be and can I send a video of myself or do I have to be there, can you give me more info?
  9. axy_david

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    I doubt my story makes the cut, however good luck with the interviews, can't wait for nofap to go mainsteam!
  10. headon.collision

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    No one else knows this secret except me. So nope my reputation should remain intact if I kept my secret safe :D besides it would be really hard to issue me a visiting Visa etc... For my nationality going to 1st world nations is a nightmare
  11. Thanks for all of the awesome stories. We haven't reached out to anybody yet, will hopefully be connecting with the producer soon and going through them. Will post updates as the process moves along. For those who didn't submit yet, we're still taking submissions for as long as this thread's OP says so.
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  12. Open Parasol

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    Ahaha..Story? Well..I kinda went through it checklist style..well, whatever.

    And yes, I do declare that submissions stay open for now.
  13. Ryanellion

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    @alexander I will be sending a application momentarily, I am writing up the email as I write this, just wanted to note that it seems like a lot excuses as to not wanting to do this are being thrown around here...they are all just...excuses guys. We can literally do anything we put our minds to.
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  14. Going through emails and reaching out to people this week with the producers. Shooting will likely happen in mid-August. Thank you so much for all of the interest.
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  15. Ryanellion

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    @alexander absolutely just sent the app, Mid-august is my birthday. If possible can you tell me the dates as soon as possible I would need to ask for the days off from work.
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  16. Open Parasol

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    I head back to school in mid August, so yes, please give the dates asap

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