Seeking volunteers to assist moderators in identifying spam and rule-breaking posts

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, May 8, 2017.

  1. Yes, but please don't fill out the form unless if you're sure because time is one of our most finite resources right now (aside from money), so it would be a waste to train somebody who quickly wants out. I'm hoping moderators will come into this thread and share a bit about their experiences, whether or not it feels like a job or just another part of using NoFap for them.
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  2. Jen@8675309

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    The way I see it, once the appropriate levels of staffing are reached, this position would become less of a seek-and-destroy mission and more of that casual atmosphere you mentioned, @Star Lord. I personally spend quite a bit of time here every day because my job allows for it and I've never felt that being a moderator here is onerous or painful.
  3. Star Lord

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    I work irregular patterns. So I'm mainly on late evenings most days.
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  4. Quiver

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    I'll think about it. Perhaps I'll apply tomorrow
  5. Fap_Doc

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  6. this is not a very constructive comment :rolleyes:

    I find moderating to be a fun time (normally) and it has actually increased my desire to make interesting and helpful posts.
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  7. Protagonist

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    Hey @Alexander i sent the request. But i think i cant devote much time, so please don't accept my request. I don't know why i applied.
  8. Appreciate the honesty.
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  9. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    I have been reporting them as I see them, and would be glad to continue doing so. I am impressed that it is no worse than it is. Any open forum would be open to all sorts of crazies and greedy posters looking for opportunities.
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  10. i_wanna_get_better1

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    @Alexander , I too sent in an application but have been second guessing my decision ever since I submitted it. I feel like I may not have enough time to be a good AP to the people I'm helping and be a good Spam Mod. Maybe if my AP's graduate and move on my circumstances might change. Thank you for considering me, but please pull my application.
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    We're looking for 25 year old graduates with 30 years experience to fill this voluntary position.

  12. I think I will apply. I spend a lot of time here on NoFap anyways so might as well contribute something useful to the place while I'm here. Would be awesome to be able to give back to this website with some of my time for helping me so much with my addiction.
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  13. letter

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    My Journal
    Busting spam and moving posts?


    With spam, I advise putting on a song like this:

    and going out to the fields to slay the hordes of spammers.
    The mundane becomes EPIC.
    Hitting the purge button over and over... fulfilling.


    die spammers die


    That said, be up to you to find a way to stay self-motivated. The task does require some steady diligence at times. For the most part, a good deal can be dealt with as you go about your day. However, that is not a total replacement for a dedicated time-slot to review the forum-list. Hopefully, with enough volunteers, the amount of such dedicated sweeps of the forum list would not be overburdensome to any specific individual.
  14. Your choice. Doesn't really take that long to hunting and kill spam anyways. The majority of your time will probably be taken up by organizing the forum by moving threads to the appropriate section. And browsing through recently posted content for advertising, conflicts between users, and any other content that break the forum rules.

    Consider it pulled. Thanks for your interest, and sorry to see you take yourself out of consideration. We appreciate your honesty.
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  15. Fap_Doc

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    Chemical Snitch.
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  16. Update: We have gotten a lot of interest, thank you. We will be combing through them and making some selections. We're creating guides/prepping training resources now.
  17. Applications are still open, however, so if you are interested, please don't hesitate to fill out the form!
  18. Monster Carrot

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    @Alexander @matthewmammothrept A semi-related suggestion: Can you impose a rule that new accounts can't start threads for 7 days after creation? Or until they have a certain number of posts in other threads? Something like that.
  19. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    Thank you for the opportunity to give back.

    Reading through this thread, I realized that I misinterpreted one question. I placed on it the amount of time I'm already on NoFap and considered that all of that could contribute, and that may be overstated. If it's possible to revise that, I can commit to 5-7 hours a week of dedicated time, which is about half of the time I already spend on the site.
  20. NoBrainer

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    Do we have any new spam janitors yet? ;)
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