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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by kumarach, Sep 16, 2021.

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    my last streak was 21 days and i'm already at day 10,this seems easier than before,the thing is i have been having really hard morning woods and i promised myself on last relapse to never touch my erection but rather to deep breathe and feel the pulsating heartbeats and try to calm them.surprisingly,the erection goes away on it's own.

    my confidence levels have seen a significant rise,i have been using some dating apps to talk to women which i know has to stop in order for me to have a considerable SR streak.have cutoff from social media substantially.have more erection control.renewed interests in the little things,like nature and i get a deep sleep when i have porn off my mind.exercise provides an outlet to the energy.have been hitting on different women online,and the thing is,i am more frank and honest than before,i can open up better and am able to resonate better with their feelings.this time i don't really count much wrt the days and the abstinence time.the timer is still running no doubt but it really doesn't matter much now as to how long I've been off porn.what matters more is--
    what I've been doing with the time.
    porn was just an escape from failures faults and problems which i decided i will face no matter what the result.

    starting day 10 today.
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    I had a similar experience. When I first started participating here seriously, I made it to 20 days then slipped. Now on my current streak it started very easy comparatively (and has been easier overall) but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. There will be harder stretches coming up, so stay on your guard. I swear every time I see someone start talking cocky on here they relapse shortly after.

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    You are starting to build progress that's why its easier and will get easier by time if you keep fighting. Good luck in your journey :)

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