Self control and Improvement.. my story.

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    Hi Guys,

    I came to this community long ago and started full PMO. I took it to 30 days and on the 31st day, my girlfriend could not stay patient anymore. I had to have sex. So the O vanished. Then I completely relapsed within a week. It has been two years now..

    At that time, I was addicted to smoking, dipping tobacco and occasional/frequent drinking.

    This all made me weak against the temptations. So last year, when I was shifting to another city, decided to quit smoking but continued dipping. I was able to suppress and end my cravings for cigarettes. But still I felt weak. Not able to concentrate anything.

    After one year of quitting smoking, I decided to quit dipping. That meant complete nicotine removal from my body. So over a month ago, I completely quit tobacco.

    Withing 2 days, my all body ache was gone, I felt the morning freshness again, I felt stronger, could feel my muscles.

    I had also gained weight. My height is 174 cm. On 7 August 2018, my weight was 81.6 kgs. So I decided to now work on my obesity and started going to gym. Today, when I am writing this note, my weight is 77 kgs.

    The most important thing, I started PMO on 27th Aug. And it feels quite easier than it was last time.

    Noticed Changes due to this all control over everything:

    I am not absent minded anymore. I dont forget things as I used to. I couldn't remember things I did 2 minutes ago. But now I think i have got my childhood brain back.

    I had ED, it's gone. Means I rarely got an erection in the mornings. But now I have to first go to the washroom to pee to relieve the erection.

    I was also concerned about my penis length. LoL no, it's not increased but the fat on my groin has gone. That has changed the appearance there and uncovered the hidden length. I am a confident male now.

    I can run at easy speeds for 5 kms.
    I would be working on my abs once I achieve 20.0 BMI.

    So far it's been 25 days of PMO. And I feel no stress. Though, I get sexual thoughts some times.

    Will be updating every new change from here.
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    Just keep going bro. Dont give up.
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