Self-Control is Not Unlimited

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    Reading over "Quit Porn and Get Rich" by Martin Prescott, he tells that "Self-control has limits"

    Like a muscle, it breaks when we overuse it. Gets weaker when we don't use it.

    When we decide to watch porn, we loss a little bit of the control. Eat that nice tasty cake you've been hording when you know that you have 50 lbs of weights waiting for you, the choice is yours. These are situations of using that muscle less.

    What overuse? You run away from it, you face it head on, you desensitize yourself to your choice of poison. But you do this every minute. Till, you break.

    Now what? Your broken, you feel like piece of trash that's been run over by a 18-wheeler truck, and you see that your fat.

    Its time to get up. Time to do somethings;
    • Take a cold shower
    • Meditate for 10 Minutes
    • Start your day with 100 push-ups and/or a 1-mile walk
    • Make your bed
    • Eliminate Distractions
    • Quit Complaining
    We all have it in us to drop Pornography. We just need to get our self-control back in order to get back what we've used.
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    The most useful thing a man can do is develop a sense of purpose and enthusiastically get after it. If you’ve got something you really like to do, an impact on the world you are proud to make, then looking at porn doesn’t even occur to you. The problem as I see it is that porn short circuits your reward system by creating artificial feelings of success with women. When you live a life of purpose the friends you make are of a higher quality and the women you meet are all about it. Good daily habits with work, diet, grooming, and exercise are important too as they lay the foundations for getting after the things and people that you really want.
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