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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jcmnmgd, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Hi guys, I have studying self development since Mid November 2016. It has greatly benefited my life. I particularly recommended reading Awaken The Giant Within. That book alone has changed my life, in the way I think about reality and has motivated me to bring forth rapid change through all areas of my life.

    This following is a list of books that I have benefited from that may interest you: [​IMG]
    How To Be A 3% Man is about dating and relationships.
    Awaken The Giant Within is about self development and improvement.
    How To Win Friends & Influence People is about social and business interactions.
    The Game is about pick up.

    Here is a link to those books on my personal pick up blog:
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  2. Pepper M.

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm also a fan of these types of books and I've heard good things about each of the books you listed here although I haven't read any of them yet myself :/ Keep us posted as you find more books you like!
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    How To Be A 3% Man, yeah I read this book. Some of his advice of how to take time with girl and not to chased her is not really works for everygirl. I lost my chances to a guy that can see her and chased her. It sucks.

    Thanks for sharing, tho.
  4. Tekkadan

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    Try "Intimate Connections" and "What the hell do women really want". These two are old-school dating books, but got lots of great techniques. Be warned though, the second book might offend you at first.

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