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  1. Almost every 3rd post I read here someone diagnoses himself as having a mental illness.

    Having the feeling of sadness may be called by someone as having a depression and having a depression may be linked to OCD or whatever. Can you guys stop it? You are damaging yourselves if you allow yourself to always feel like the victim who has no control over his life. Not trying to downplay any real issues, but there seems to be a lot of propaganda of people beeing easily mental. Maybe an advertisement for medications and drugs?
  2. I'll safety assume a lot of the users here are depressed (not all of course)
  3. Most self-diagnose, yeah. But there are also many people recommending therapy, psychological support, exercise, etcaetera. I myself went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist. What's very common is the sense of shame, guilt, estrangement and dissociation that comes when viewing certain kinds of pornography, and I assume that can lead to a form depression.
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    I've been diagnosed schizoaffective, and the thing is, we are ALL victims of societal constructs that advertise poison such as P, alcohol, and so forth. We are all victims of our own selves, that is as long as PMO did help sabotoge important aspects of your life, which I'm sure it did or you wouldn't be on nofap, unless you're trolling. I had a friend that killed himself after being depressed about a year, no history of mental illness. If somebody reaches out saying they believe they have so and so mental illness, focus on uplifting your neighbor rather than puff your chest out and say "everyone's depressed huh? No way. Be a man, take back control of your life"
    That helps nobody
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    First as mentioned above the people you see here are more likely to be suffering from some kind of mental illness.
    Second, considering the state our society and the world at large is in, it is safe to assume most people suffer from some kind of mental illness. To not feel alienated in such a world is alarming.

    Also, when someone says he's depressed he does not necessarily mean he is going through a full blown depression. I can relate to what you said about OCD though, I've seen the term OCD being used in all kinds of ways on this site and I think maybe people are not too educated about what OCD is. I have been suffering from OCD for 13+ years, I have never been diagnosed, I often see how people make fun of "self-diagnosed" people, I can safely say I know more about OCD than most psychotherapists who mostly know it through books. So what's the point of getting assessed if I don't plan on using SSRIs? Get an official stamp just for the sake of it?

    That does not mean we should be victims of whatever circumstances we're in.
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    @virtuscb , I agree with your point, but just wanted to add that even a professional diagnosis is not necessarily the gold standard. I have seen too many people diagnosed this way and that way. Those mental illness diagnoses are not always helpful.
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    Try to stay away from labels and stuff like that, psychiatry is a big crap imo. Does more harm than good. I believe looking for help is important, but be careful on who is "helping" you
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