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    Hey everyone this is my first time here, lets get straight to the point. I'm sick and tired of porn can't even face myself in the mirror my studies are messed up i sleep too much, hate myself can't concentrate on anything I've tried everything but ends up....really bad..
    Please give me some tips and device
    Thank you.
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  2. Ongoingsupport

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    Welcome. Take your time to learn about it, maybe post under the new members section. There's always a lot involved in making a lifestyle change but the important thing is you're starting.
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  3. Tryingto

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    Quite simply use whatever resource that works for you and slowly, gradually ease your way out of this addiction.

    In my experience, porn is like a lead weight to our self-esteem - down, down, and down we go. Slowing and eventually stopping, on the other hand, offers glimpses of pride, confidence, and well-being.

    It's not easy but so worthwhile.

    Best to you...
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