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What do you think guys? Will I be able to get my life back?

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  1. Let Peace Prevail

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    Hi everyone! I wish to remain anonymous but at the same time, I've got to share my story with you guys out there.
    I started masturbating when I was hardly 7 yrs old! I remember, I never masturbated with my hands until I turned 13 rather I used to press my privates against a bed or a wall! I had no access to PORN up until 11 till then I used to masturbate watching erotic songs on tv. Gradually I developed an addiction towards PMO. I never realized that it could effect my health because I was told the biggest lie of my life that masturbation was "normal". Now I have turned 19 and believe me, I feel like committing suicide! My heart has become numb; I feel pain in my left abdomen; I face severe psychological problems due to chemical imbalances; my face is turning dark with acne not letting me live peacefully; my bones have become nothing but soft wood; I am the thinnest guy on the earth with just 40 kgs of weight! ; I have a low self esteem and low self confidence; I have memory problems; and many more!!
    I tried everything to stop this disastrous habit but to no avail. Every time I try, I end up masturbating again. The maximum number of days I could withhold this is 33 days. Nevertheless I have started this habit again and I feel nothing is gonna help me. I just dont know what is gonna help me.
    Today I accidentally typed NoFap on Google and I landed on this website. I've created my account and my streak has begun today at 9 am. I am ready to take up the 90-day challenge. I need your support brothers and sisters. I just want to get my life back!! I want to live a life of a successful person!! I just want to escape this curse!!
  2. Welcome to the Group!

    First I have to comment on this part of your introduction:

    If you really feel as if you might hurt yourself or attempt suicide, please find help. Confide in a doctor, your spiritual adviser, a suicide hotline. Believe it or not death is the best outcome from a suicide attempt. Living for the next 70 years with brain damage or a stroke is a horrible way to live. Don't apply a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    pmo is a horrible addiction. Just like any other addiction it is a short period of feeling good followed by hours of withdraw symptoms.

    I found the 'getting started' guide very helpful. You can download it from the home page.

    pmo will shred your brain, cause huge chemical imbalances in your body, and lead to relationship problems, social anxiety and more. PIED and DE are my biggest effects from pmo.

    Keep us informed,

  3. Let Peace Prevail

    Let Peace Prevail Fapstronaut

    Hi buddy! I am very glad that u took a step towards helping me. That's worth appreciating brother. By the way, I have been reading some stories and scientific articles on this website and found all of them very helpful! Now I feel positive and I am not gonna consider those ill thoughts of committing suicide once again! I always used to think that I was alone who's facing these issues but today I found out that there are actually thousands of people like me and the most interesting part is that they are succeeding in their goals! I always used to think this is IMPOSSIBLE but this community made me feel it actually is very much POSSIBLE. I thank all of you!!
  4. Glad to hear it's helping. It is possible. no pmo is the method, the product and benefits are getting rid of brain fog, being able to get an erection without porn, losing the craving all the time to find porn and masturbate to it, being able to relate to people and to have relationships.

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