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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by sparkywantsnoPMO, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Has anyone going through addiction recovery suffered with extreme self hatred / self loathing as they recovered? How did you overcome this defect of character? Thank you.
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    For me it just took time and doing my best to improve what I hated about myself during recovery (and still trying to keep at it). For example, I'm overweight, so I worked hard to find a dietary plan that I was comfortable with, and with time I'm starting to see results.
    I'm very shy, so I started opening my eyes and looking for chances to talk to people a little more.
    And so forth. Little by little, I'm starting to see improvements and starting to feel better about myself and about life in general.
    Prayer also helps a lot.
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    Yeah! Instead of looking (staring) at myself I might look elsewhere: to God (or equivalent), other people, art, science, my immediate surroundings, the environment at large...
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    I learned to live with it.
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    I think acceptance and embracing things that you can not change. Easier said than done, but that's what I am working on. Self-loathing comes and goes in waves.

    Have you looked into inner child work?
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    Your question interests me on a personal level. I have no idea as to what the answer might be.

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    By reminding you:

    _it's all by design to keep you miserable
    _you're in a temporary fallen weak flesh
    _you went through your own unfair circumstances
    _you decided to get better despite peer pressure
    _tons of people like you exist in the world
    _exceeding blessings are in store for you
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  8. Help others. Do the best that you can to help other people..
    The most efficient way to get rid of self hatred. Dont trust me ? Try first and then tell me how it feels.

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