semen leakage?

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  1. i dont know what it is that its leaking, but something certainly sticky is leaking. I dont know if its sperm semen precum or if its another fluid. Im on nofap for a few days now and usually i would have a wet dream on 10th day of nofap.
    Now this time i was able to subconsciously control my wet dream and i woke up fron my dream without any leaking.
    Although the next day, on evening, i started feeling a weird sensation in lower abdomen as if i was edging or holding back and when i went to pee there was the thicker liquid dripping at the end and felt weird.
    I wanted to try semen retention. Does this ruin it? Will it stop? Ive heard the typical 'dont eat foods that make you gassy' to help avoid wet dreams but im not willing to restrict myself from half of my diet for this.
    Let me know your experience, it helps
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    Anything that you are not in control of, like semen leakage, doesn't ruin your semen retention.
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  3. i was wodnering if theres something to help control it. Other than that it does bring me down a bit but its not as bad as intentional PMO, im usually fine next day or day after. Thanks for your reply
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    Kegel exercises, meditation and ashwini mudra (yoga)

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