Semen Retention (abstinence) BENEFITS: scientific EVIDENCES ?

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Did you feel good during you longest NOFAP streak ?

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  1. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    You are right that semen-retention and NoFap has to begin (and continue) with a holistic approach in mind because if you surround yourself with bad habits and toxic people, just retaining your semen alone won't work like magic and give you superpowers. On the other hand, if you acquire good habits simultaneously (unless most of them are already in place) and strive every day to improve yourself in both thought and action, more of the benefits will be experienced for sure.
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  2. Purity Power

    Purity Power Fapstronaut

    I think the poll is enough evidence already.

    So then, I would appreciate diving deeper in details on how semen retention makes you feel good in your body and mind, without the placebo nonsense argument because as soon as I relapse, I lose a great amount of PHYSICAL energy, so there is no placebo, only accumulating real energy.

    Decalcifying the pineal gland ?
    Cerebro-spinal fluid ?
    Sexual transmutation ?
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  3. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    A poll is not scientific evidence, or least not this poll.
  4. martin57710

    martin57710 Fapstronaut

    You have a point but, look, im traslating this adiction to the AA steps, and in the 3 step said that you must have faith, they explain this very well. This have a lot of sense to me, and i started to think that the benefits im feeling on my mind and body are a strong reason to dont relapse. Dont be so much scientific or esceptic. Is not enough reason those energy changes and mood improvements to continue struggling? I recomend to you look for any book about AA steps, because this therapy is not just about alcohol its about to find the root of our compulsive conducts (porn, alcohol, drugs, gambling, to lie, etc. And they dont need to know the scientific facta about something that they already know make them suffer. I think you ar looking for motivation and AA stories are a good one.
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  5. Kligor

    Kligor Fapstronaut

    I think poll have done his thing and it's clear and of course big majority of people opinions.
    I don't see why science is so important here "I must see or i don't believe".And even if someone seen scientist evidence read and hear what is there and see or hear something that he/she not like to hear or something what he/she don't want to believe that is automatically pseudo-science just because he/she is disagree with that but okay your life your opinion for yourself.
    Thousands of people have shared similar opinions about semen retention since this exist.Sciene is not answer for everything,do semen retention for yourself and see.Do you agree or not it's your thing not mine or someone else.Who wants evidence he/she have keyboard and mouse and ability to read so go for yourself and done research for yourself.
    I have seen that science say that masturbation have benefits and can turn your life for better(majority of people disagree with that,yes this is another story but it is connected with semen retention) and after that believing in science(or not when read something you don't like) more than your experience and thousands of people opinions with long experience is just proof someone just want not to believe.
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  6. It’s hormonal. When you ejaculate this has an effect. That’s why you feel tired, temporarily.
  7. Purity Power

    Purity Power Fapstronaut

    Per 100mL:
    Calcium (mg) 27.6
    Chloride (mg) 142
    Citrate (mg) 528
    Fructose (mg) 272
    Glucose (mg) 102
    Lactic acid (mg) 62
    Magnesium (mg) 11
    Potassium (mg) 109
    Protein (g) 5.04
    Sodium (mg) 300
    Urea (mg) 45
    Zinc (mg)16.5

    Time before
    ejaculation // Average sperm concentration:

    0 months // 0 million/mL
    6 months // 20 million/mL
    12 months // 50 million/mL
    18 months // 70 million/mL
    24 months // 300 million/mL

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  8. Urine also contains sodium, potassium, creatinine and other compounds. Should we not pee now?
  9. Purity Power

    Purity Power Fapstronaut

    Urine is garbage energy, whereas semen creates (or sustains) LIFE, and the quantity and quality of the components pales compared to the ones in semen.
  10. Purity Power

    Purity Power Fapstronaut

    Sex is to be practiced in the confined environment of the holly union called marriage between a man and a woman under God's grace. Otherwise, it dissipates through filthy deceitful acts of fornication, and STDs occur, emotional aftermath happens etc. What is supposed to be exponentially amazing in a mutual exploratory of pure bliss is therefore turned into a progressively awful wicked defiling self-destruction. Feminism, Communism, sexual revolution, the baby-boomers generation, pornography, Hollywood, school endoctrination etc. RUINED the potential of experiencing healthy sex in the best way there is or even just remaining sexually pure and experiencing the healthy intended benefits thereof.

    I choose SEXUAL PURITY because that is the best choice to make, considering all the damage the Satanic social engineering program has done to people and to women especially. The word of God warns me against them and encourages my purity and prosperity.
  11. Is what you are writing a perspective of a christian man? Just curious and I am completely agree with you.
    p/s: when I said sex I meant the interaction between husband and wife. Should have clarified.
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  12. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    There are so many things in today's world that are upside down and inside out and since most people have bought the entire modern paradigm and its bundle of associated and demoralizing beliefs (without even questioning it or thinking for themselves first) for so long, they continue continue along the path until sheer reality and nature comes falling down over them.
    Despite all the privileges and benefits Western women are receiving these days, most of them still are still unhappy, feeling entitled, miserable and never feeling fulfilled. Even worse is the fact they are lured into a seemingly lucrative career in their 20's, told to experiment sexually while they are in their prime years and that Mr. Perfect will come along later as they get their careers going in their 30's.
    The only issue is, at that point they don't want to date down, get pickier with age and think they can compete against the younger and more attractive women out there. Hence, they live in delusion and end up lonely and miserable because they always still think they can get a man in the top percentile.

    There is also more recent research available suggesting (or proving rather) that the DNA from a woman's sexual partner is stored inside of her for the remainder of her life, meaning the more partners she has had, the more DNA-fragments from different men will she have stored inside her. So, the count is indeed important and might explain why all promiscuous women out there become crazier, more unstable, broken and destructive for every single partner she has had.
    That's why you shouldn't have anything to do with these kind of women ever!!
  13. Purity Power

    Purity Power Fapstronaut

    Off course,
    And to answer on that matter, karezza sex is still an available option to retain energy even during sex, even for Christians. I honestly don't want to have children, despite my longing for a potential lovely wife. And I appreciate my ease and freedom as a single man also. 1 Corinthians 7 is my main support here, considering God also accepts married couples like that, even if child-bearing is the direct product of marriage...however, I would choose to delight only as in Song of Solomon where Solomon admires his wife and vice versa, it's not wrong to just get my "help-meet" and enjoy life together.
  15. love you bro! hope you’re doing well, looks like you are:)
  16. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thank you mate! I am always doing well (more or less) since I am working and progressing every day in becoming my best version so whatever happens, I am on the right path. It is all about doing the little hard things every day and incorporate them into habits and a routine in the long run. By developing the habits over time that 95+% of men (or people in general) don't have the discipline or patience to do, you will end up in that top 5% sooner or later.
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  17. absolutely mate, super inspiring. Keep it up, keep with that vision you have in your mind that nobody sees

    You are a rare gem, a unicorn amongst men. Your future wife would be very lucky to be with you
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  18. Elzapadelagente

    Elzapadelagente Fapstronaut

    evidencias cientificas?? deberias buscar en google.... yo te puedo decir en base a mis experiencia. y si, hay muchos beneficios, una vida mas plena. sin obsesiones.
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  19. Hermenegildo

    Hermenegildo Fapstronaut

    A mí lo que no me queda claro es si la eyaculación previene el cáncer de próstata o si no eyacular lo hace. He leído versiones en ambos sentidos. Personalmente, cuando he estado más de un mes "nofap" me he sentido genial, pero en cuanto lo he dejado me he sentido sin energía y deprimido. Parece que cuánto más tiempo pasas reteniendo el semen peores son los resultados de la descarga...
  20. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the encouraging words but I have no clue about where I could possibly find that wife in today's age. So many Western women these days are entitled, spoilt and damaged goods (many of them beyond repair) and the good few you come around are already taken.
    However, it's nothing I really walk around pondering on all day long and although I'm not in the top-1% of men yet, I am for sure in the top-5% (my current income is what doesn't get me there yet) which feels quite good at the moment. The goal isn't to get into the top-1% for the sake of it (or bragging about it) but the more I work on myself, my character, business-ideas and so on, it will eventually pay-off and my selection of the good things in life (such as young, sweet and attractive women) will only get better by the day progressively.
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