Semen retention and burning tip of urethra

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  1. Men practicing semen retention
    I practice semen retention as part of my personal development and Yoga practice. It is part of brahmacharya. When I practice semen retention and get to like 14 days since my last release (ejaculation), the tip of my male member (urethra) starts to sting; it feels like a burning sensation. And I know it is not an STD because I have been tested recently and the sensation appears when I am 2 weeks into semen retention. It is an uncomfortable sensation where it breaks my concentration from my work. And this happens consistently. And then I break down and release my vital life energy and break the streak that I had going. And this is not my preference. My preference is to retain my vital life energy for much longer than that. I can deal with the urges now. It just feels like my semen wants to be dispelled from my body. And this is how biology works. I know I am more than my biology though.
    I realize that I need to funnel my svadhisthana (sexual) energy up to my higher chakras. I am getting Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy within the week in the mail and I am going to learn how to transmute my sexual energy.
    Anyone else have this issue with semen retention where the tip of the urethra seems like there is a fiery sensation? Have you had this happen? Does sex transmutation solve this issue? Can you share your experience?
    Thank you.

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