Semen retention and it's benefits

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    Found this interesting article about semen retention.

    Ancient philosophies and medical practices from Asia and India have long claimed that semen retention leads to better health and longer life.

    Semen, which is in essence the very life-force of a man, must be retained in the body to maintain a man’s health.

    Ejaculation reduces the life-force available to a man, which is evident from the immediate drop in energy, and generally depressed nature, which can be observed after ejaculating.

    Semen is a complex mixture of calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, cholesterol, albumin, and nucleoproteins. When it is retained, it is re-absorbed into the body, where it is used to directly support the brain and central nervous system. This improves their function, making you more focused and confident.

    Sexual energy created during arousal must also be transmuted, to take full advantage of semen retention. Transmutation allows sexual energy to be used for the benefit of a man, and not released in such a way as to harm him. Techniques that have been used to transmute sexual energy include pranayama, meditation, mantra, and prayer. Physical activities, such as exercise, are also useful ways to transmute sexual energy.

    What are the Benefits of Semen Retention?

    There are many benefits to semen retention for physical health, mental health and spiritual awareness. Some of the more common ones include:


    increased energy and drive
    boosted immune system
    cures erectile dysfunction
    prevents premature ejaculation


    more confidence
    improved memory
    more decisive


    calmer and less prone to anger
    more connected to spiritual nature
    control over material urges

    How is Semen Retention Practiced?

    Semen retention can be achieved by being celibate, and avoiding all sexual activity. But this is no fun! Some philosophies, such as Taoism however, believe that the full benefits of semen retention can only be attained by experiencing sexual arousal, without ejaculation. Sun Simiao, a Chinese doctor and philosopher, said that a man could receive the benefits of semen retention, and still experience ejaculation twice per month. To aid in recovery after ejaculation, exercise and a diet high in zinc are recommended.

    Why practice Semen Retention?

    Better sex! As strange as it may sound, semen retention improves your sex life. Frequent sexual arousal, without ejaculation, builds stamina and self-control. Self-control that allows you to last as long as necessary. Men that do not practice semen retention will usually last two to seven minutes before ejaculating, leaving the woman less than satisfied.

    Women prefer a man that can last as long as she can. Sexual gratification usually takes longer for a woman to achieve. If a man is able to maintain sexual arousal for as long as he desires, it not only allows the woman to reach climax, it heightens the expectation of more climaxes to come. In the end, a longer lasting you will make a happier her.
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