Semen retention does not exist

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  1. A lot of people talk about so-called "semen retention", but that does not and cannot exist, since semen is only produced when we are about to ejaculate. In other words, there is no semen in our bodies stored away that gets "absorbed" every now and then.

    Quick recap of how an ejaculation occurs: sperm cells produced in our testicles are carried to the epididymis (structures located near the testicles for cell maturation) and then through the vas deferens (long tubes) they go to the prostate. Once inside the prostate (which is behind the urinary bladder), the sperm cells receive the contents from the seminal vesicles (of which we have two on top of the prostate); this content is mainly mucus and some glucose, which will give the cells energy to travel the last part of their journey when they try to fertilize the female egg. About 95% of the ejaculate is mucus and a tiny percentage is composed of sperm cells. Since "semen" is the content of the ejaculate (sperm cells + mucus + glucose), so-called "semen retention" does not exist.
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    When your sperm isnt ejaculated for about five days, sperm cells will die and your body reabsorbs nutrients from this. So it should not be called semen retention but sperm retention? Does this even matter? Whole point is just dont play with your little D x times a day and abstain...
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    Stop acting so cool.
  4. According to what scientific study?
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    you really got me, dont have any scientific study - try to read something about phagocytosis, apoptosis
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    Honestly, I think a lot of the change in productivity and behavior is the benefit of just a sex sober mindset and not spending time fiending over stupid stuff like IG, Tinder and the such. It's amazing once that stuff is cleared out of one's brain what more you can do.
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    I got the ability to fly and the strengh to lift mountains thanks to not touching myself.

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