Semen retention for 100 days ..... JUST DO IT

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    What happens? You have a dream about having sex? Or it just happens randomly??
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    Anything. Once i just woke up without realizing i had a wet dream. Sometimes i feel myself ejaculating in a dream. Sometimes i have a dream that im jacking off and ejaculating. And sometimes sex. But the only problem is that they just don't feel good, I don't have that euphoric feeling in jacking off dreams then if i jack off in real life.
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    Hello, I'm glad to know that this practice is being done worldwide and now it's known by many people. The first time I found about this was in my teenage years when I first started hitting the gym. I was looking for a natural way to boost my testosterone and found this multiple claims through articles and forums around the internet about retaining your semen for seven days and how your testosterone levels skyrocketed on the seventh day. I have been masturbating all my life since I was 9 years old sometimes more than 5 times a day so this was a very difficult task for me to accomplish; although, I was committed on achieving this and I did. The results were fine but I got so caught up in the orgasm I felt after those 7 long days of not cumming or watching porn videos that I discontinued the practice. I was masturbating multiple times daily until my early 20s when me and my ex-girlfriend joined a gnostic group and they taught us all this ancient knowledge about sexual aclhemy, kundalini, ens seminis, etc. I practiced sexual alchemy (which is basically "coitus reservatus") with her for about a month until I was unable to retain the semen and ended up ejaculating. And then we started over again. I was never able to make it pass 30 days. After this, I started reading about mind control and how pyramidal sects use this practices to castrate men, make them more maleable and docile so I discontinued doing it and I left this group. Now, clearly upon the first three days of sexual alchemy practice I started developing slight clairvoyance signs (sparks in the air), after two weeks I could see faces in my visual fields, three weeks in I had clear revelatory dreams of the future and a very strong clairaudience, I could listen and pay attention to multiple conversations, birds, traffic noise, wind, tv, all at the same time. So as for me, I am truly convinced sexual alchemy is magic but it requires a lot of effort, investigation and most importantly you need to be one-hundred percent sure you and your partner are not being played by a group of bad people. Semen retention may bring possitive benefits but sexual alchemy is golden knowledge that can transform a man into an androgynous celestial being.
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    Hey all,

    My english is not very good, but I’ll do my best.

    I’m interested on semen retention, but not by abstaining from orgasms. So I'm trying to achieve the ability to have orgasms without ejaculating. I want to know from people who are able to do that, if I'm on the correct way: is the key to do that, to train the PC muscles? And when the PC muscles are strong enough one can retain the semen during an orgasm using those muscles? So, to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms, have I just to train the PC muscles enough? I know that it’s also recommended to do an energetic practice, like chi kong or meditations like the microcosmic orbit or something like that to circulate the energy. I take it in account, but my question is more about the “body part” of the job.

    So I'm only asking this question to people who are able to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, not to people who only heard about this, or only read a book, but to experienced people with this practice.

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    This is a very interesting and informative post, in addition to the one on semen retention which started this thread.

    I have been trying to find a more positive and constructive way of seeing life with neither sex nor PMO.

    Involuntary celibacy, voluntary abstinence, and the NoFap program all seem to be about living with the frustrations of sexual deprivation.

    All of this has appeared entirely negative. It is about not doing something because it is unhealthy or just bad.

    Indeed, the health, mental and physical, which returns after breaking a PMO addiction is a reason for NoFap.

    I have wanted to gain things even greater and higher from my challenges in breaking my PMO habit and my life situation.

    Your post here is giving me some ideas about the things about which I should learn more.

    If you can recommend any sites with solid material or books, that would be helpful as a follow up to your post.
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    What about sex when you met these girls?
  7. Faplover25

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    This is really great and inspirational, I have some contradiction comments bellow, but I've been searching around on how to SR for years. My first FAP was unsucessful, when i was a teen LOL, but my hormones was roaring. So a friend said to think about a girl. So i did, I though about the woman who worked at the skateboard shop and blast!!! It was awesome, but eversince then i haven't been able to stop, of course i change women, but I can't go past 5 days trying. Whenever i 'have to' talk to a woman or get close to one, i have to go home and release it. You know them times when your at the store and she comes around the corner jiggling in her gym shorts? Some of the women have never left my mind, i'm talking 30 years like yesterday. I love it its incredible, if meet a woman yesterday, bam stuck. My girlfriend in 1998, we met at a night club and she told me to take her home, bam stuck. We broke up 2 months later but my fap orgasims about her is more intense than the actual sex. If a woman sits next to me with her legs hanging out, gotta go home and fap it off. Then I'll be fapping about it for 10 minutes, nothing, all of a sudden my girlfriend from 1992 pops in the picture, bam, jacked. I don't understand it, I'll see womens' asses all day, start fapping at home, nothing, then, x girlfriend pops into the picture and less than a minute, jacked.

    The longest I've done with no restrictions is 18 days. I did 30 days in boot camp but that was under restrictions, but after 2 weeks i kept waking up with this incredible feeling of a family friend of mine who was a nymph and wearing bike tights and she was rubbing up on me and the feeling wouldn't stop. I finally went to the bathroom and fapped standing up. I sprayed the wall It was amazing!!! I didn't know i could do that, but after that, i kept going to the bathroom to fap, dam.

    I never had a girlfriend where i didn't masturbate on my own time. Which made me unintentionally impotent toward her in the heat of the moment.

    I have no kids, probably because of low sperm count and masturbation exhaustion, which is probably a good thing.

    I'll fap over any woman, who's clean and lean of course, and not married. If they are married its because i don't know. I know the line between fantasy. I've never had real sex with a married woman and dont want to. I don't care how good looking she is.

    I can usally go 3 days on my own power with NoFap before i relapse. Its always "dont cum just look' and i end up loosing my savings.

    My goal has always been NoFap for 30 days to beat my bootcamp record, but i never reach it.

    I reached 23 days in 2014, but that was with back counting. In other words, if i had 10 days saved and fapjacked, then i would back start at 6 days. I made it to 23 days and during that time i relentlessly looked at porn, had access to (beautiful) women, and a mexican chik who had been socially teasing me for three months (i like being teased, to me, luck is better than no luck and its safer than sex so i just rolled with it, and fapped). When i finally said fapit, it was awesome.

    The most SR sex I've had with a woman is 5 days. Sometimes after I have sex, Ill start fapping right after when she goes to the bathroom or i go home.

    One of the things i notice, is if I fap daily, i get no attention in public. But if i go 5 days without fapping, i get stares from women, and they will stand and sit next to me. Weird.

    I once met a beautiful nympho who wanted to go home with me. I was fapped out but I didnt want to turn down the opportunity and hoped her lucious italian body and big ass would spark the juices. Well i started fapping to get it up and she started laughing. I was shocked and embarrassed that she started laughing and it was over, and she wouldn't stop giggling and mentioning it when i brought her home. I was embrarrased. But then i recalled that another chick wanted me to flap like routine ritual as if she enjoyed me masturbating. So i thought to never continue a relationship with a chick who laughs at flapping, only to find a chick who does and flaunt her. So i never saw that chick again and i'm pretty sure she has some siblings. In fact, the same thing happens in the porn industry, some actresses don't like it when actors start flapping and some do.

    My last girlfriend was a nympho, I loved it. We talked aboout masturbating and that made me masturbate more, and she made me cum twice in addition to being fapped out. I was never over fapped with her, she just pushed buttons like an operator and got me hard. The first night she kept looking up at me with spit handing from her mouth and say, 'you like that', 'is that good'. Awe it just drove me wild. Seperating was beyond our control but i fap her almost everytime and she's a garunteed fapjack, no stalls. I fap to her emails, her pictures, her female friends, those nights, and then some.

    There are TV shows that give me a fap relapse. Cheaters, I don't watch cheaters to fap, i don't even know what time it comes on, its just on when changing the channels and i'll watch it cause its interesting. But next thing I know, i'm fapping to the crying hot chicks who find their boyfriends dating another hot chic and then the two chics are standing face to face and thongs start rising. Somehow they end up in bed with me or they look like someone i saw and i can't get it out of my system for days. Others are true crime shows, alot of those shows involve enigmatic consortual sex in a baffling manner, particularly the matricide episodes.


    I don't think sperm is toxic, but i don't think its meant to be retained in the body system for that long like other bodily movements. If it was then it would be created and meant as suck like blood. Maybe the body gets rid of it by other means, but 365 days is alot of retention.

    Plus i think that some people have natural ability to retain themselves. Because we talk about how the porn industry relapses the flapping, what about the dudes in the porn industry? They look calm and collective as hell but sprout like a water gun. They don't look llike they are loosing their minds because they haven't flapped. Obviously i am real sensitive. If a woman talks to me i get a hard on. That mexican chic, she would call me, stare at me, we would go out to eat, etc., etc. I HAD to flap it off or end up in jail. In fact, if it wasn't for flapping I would probably be in jail, and this is the first and only person to say that.

    With the above paragraph, when i flap, it is really intense, intense, intense pleasure, I'm screaming after only one days rest. I would think after 365 days that one intense moment would mortally you. i mean its the same with anything. They say don't eat so much right away after starving for so long. Perhaps that feeling of superman is redirecting the intense pleasure hormones to keep from having sudden flap death, LOL.

    Another one is cultural reproduction population. I don't see any cultures shrinking with all the sexual negative adverts going around, nuff said.

    Im not sure if i can go 365, but i will definitely try to go raise my energy levels this way.
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    Apply that same logic to substance abuse. Just use heroin once a week, it's fine.
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    Dude according to you men should be having kids every 30 days or so. I don't care what you feel about sperm retention but you basically calling people idiots just because you haven't experienced the benefits yet. It takes 74 days for your sperm to be ready for ejaculation since it's inception in the testicles (that area) and gets stored in the vas deferens near the penis and then if unused is stored for another 3 weeks before reabsorption (only the vital nutrients) and the rest is thrown in the "piss or poop".
    And you haven't lasted more than 30 days without releasing, sperm lasts more inside the body. The reboot consists generally of 90 days, tf you have experienced any benefits about sperm retention at all!
    It's actually arrogant jackasses like you that make my blood boil. Dismissing something just because you haven't experienced it is basically bullshit. Napoleon Hill in his book 'Think and grow rich' talks about sperm retention, various boxers practised it in their life most notably Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson. Heck, even Steve Jobs did that. The fact that they did it is not proof that it works but it's evident that sperm retention is linked to the success of a lot of individuals.
    If you don't agree, don't comment. Stop attacking people because your own life is goofed up dude.
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    May God bless all the Presbyteries of this NOFAP platform.
    Understanding the essence of semen in a man's body was a research I started 5yrs ago. Although I've been getting results but it hasn't been as detailed as this.

    Hence, Your write up has justified my claim that : "The Semen is the Power of a Man. "
    Thank you.
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    People might like to use the argument that SR promotes prostate cancer, but your body will naturally dispel some semen with time to which sperm cells and the nutrients within semen are broken down over time and senesce (breakdown with age), and the nutrients within that old semen will be recycled. Realistically, sex is pleasurable because the pleasure factor in sex encourages us to procreate. If it did not feel good, we probably would not do it, or do it as much as we do, so therefore one of the major inspirations and reasons to procreate through sexual reproduction is because it feels good, hence why we have nerve-endings at the end of our genitals. If we did not have these nerve-endings on our genitals, the pleasure incentive to use sex to procreate and use its entailed functions to carry on our genes and make babies is not encouraged because the pleasure within sex is not there.

    This is why the pleasure of sex can deceive us into addiction and dysfunctions of all sorts can arise because we toy with a system that is really naturally reserved for reproduction, but because we have a complex reward system, this creates a crossover between a system that uses both our reproductive system and pleasure system and we contort and manipulate these biological functions that are designed for specific purposes oftentimes to unhealthy and ridiculous proportions. In other words, we aren't always able to see how to make the crosshatch of these systems more linear and less ambiguous and uncontrollable, because of their ambiguity; in other words, we can't tell what is healthy sex for the sake of romantic affection with a loving partner and/or for procreation, and what turns us into sex-dependent addicts that NEED to ejaculate for something other than ejaculation's intended biological purpose.

    At least for men, if we don't ejaculate, either through sex, masturbation, or wet-dreams, the sperm and the ejaculate will, again, selesce, and the body will create a new 'load' (no pun intended you filthy cretins ;)), and we don't really have to worry about dying from prostate cancer so long as we have other healthy habits fighting against the retaining of toxins in our reproductive systems.

    If you have a healthy diet and you stay away from crap like cigarettes and other needless toxins, you won't build up all that harmful crap in your 'tubes' which causes prostate cancer. That's complete bullcrap to say that if you don't cum, you'll get prostate cancer and die, or at least, ruin your genitals and reproductive system, and I refute even academic studies which promote ejaculating 2 or 3 times a week for a male. Doesn't anybody think and/or feel that, just because a study is academic and peer-reviewed, that it therefore can't be wrong from time-to-time? That the results in these studies can't be fluffed-up or skewed or can't be flatout lies to pump up the researchers' careers and/or push their own personal agendas and biases? Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but maybe they could have been 'persuaded' by some outside power to promote a lifestyle that keeps people submissive and dependent on something and because it comes from an "academic" source, they'll therefore take it as gospel and unquestionable, and they do not want to lose their power so they keep people low by being dependent? I swear, if it comes from Google Scholar, everyone takes it as unquestionable gospel.
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  12. I'm doing it
  13. Based on the positive results SR brings this is motivating me to stick to NO PMO! thx for sharing this info....
    Based on the positive results SR is reported to bring is motivating me to stick to NO PMO! thx for sharing this info....
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    SR has been good to me. I encourage everyone to follow.
  15. What pyramidal sects do you speak of? The secret clubs with one eye?
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    Wonderful message
  17. CudMaverick.

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    Lol semen is "toxic" but is able to create babies
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    I’m 83 days and have no desire to release. I feel much better.
  19. dev1001

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    Only 25 days in still but feels good to hold the semen in ! Planning to go as long as possible, and hopefully the release will only be through real sex, and not P or M.
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    We are now 78 days into a 184 Day Challenge with my wife Doing Hard Mode pmo just signed a new abstinence extension and gave me a boner from hell no semen has leaked out nothing but a retrograde ejaculation has occurred have not had a slip have not relapsed none of that has occurred feeling good I'm thinking it must be the semen retention kind of cool I'm going to be touching base with here often anybody here need some help just ask

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