Semen retention for 100 days ..... JUST DO IT

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    This thread is highly interesting.

    So does it mean that these "superpowers" we feel when abstaining from PMO is due to the body saving energy while actually doing semen retention?

    I wonder why so many says this is dangerous to our prostata. Animals usually mates once a year. Why shouldn't we.
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    day 79 of 184, read scripture and prayed to reaffirm my belief. its God's choice and my wife's decision when sexual intimacy return. here's some of it.
    In 7:1b, Paul cites a line from the Corinthians’ letter (“it is good for a man not to touch a woman”), which he intends to qualify and correct.2The phrase, “it is good for a man not to touch awoman,”3 has nothing to do with a hug, a handshake, or any other manifestation of fellowship or friendship. To “touch a woman”4is a euphemism for sexual intercourse
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    day 80 of 184 booyah feeling great going to make a point to stay positive and bask in the light of the Lord. getting easier when my wife is Ready and god chooses. anyone need help just ask...conversation or any way I can.
    semen retained
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    Hey this is freaking awesome!! Many years ago I watched 40 Days and 40 Nights on mushrooms, just being transparent you can totally watch it completely sober I use the mushrooms for spiritual clarity only not to get “high”, anyways the movie was so profound to me. I’ve always been a mentor or leader amongst my friends and I had them watch it as well. I started doing the 4o days and then release somehow and start over soon again. I really noticed the benefits as I’m a certified trainer and gym rat my strength levels were definitely up. It’s not rocket science boxers since boxing began are not allowed to have sex for a big span of time before the fight. Anyways with speaking to one of my friends tonight after many years he said guess what you were right those years ago, there’s now a real movement of people doing what I could never do I should have listened to you lol. So he told me about NoFap and here I am. Watch the movie guys if you haven’t seen it, it’s fun encouragement. And I’m not here to make any claims other than I’ve done this for many many years off and on and I’m in great health and women respond to me more and more the older I get. I’m 44 years old and women are easier now than ever before. One thing you have that gives you the upper hand is you’re in the drivers seat, most men can’t wait to cum as you now are only going to cut your days short if she’s really really worth it if you even will. This is something women are not ready for. I could go on and on and on, I highly suggest everyone try this at least once and see for yourself it’s amazing life changing effects... I’ll be glad to answer any questions if you have any and for the record I’m not a hippy. I own my own business, coach boys varsity soccer, and I’m a certified trainer and nutritionist at our local gym, so don’t let the psychoactive throw you off of who I am. They are Rx in the US and Uk for migraine sufferers and extreme cancer patients, best wishes on the real subject here!!!!
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    I'm 92 days in right now no porn no masturbation no orgasm hardmode pmo in my wife and I've seen benefits big time he said there's a movement in this such a thing I read a couple of books on it Chinese books now or whatever so where would you tap into the fact that it's actually something that you want your wife to do is not doing very often but to help you retain it?
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    I'm approaching 100 days is next Friday what I want is some more concrete scientific evidence and in the sense of from God so if anyone can provide that links to the information or a block or people that are actually doing this and it's actually working for them and how would you involve your wife in it? Burning questions what to do?
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    Okay, so I've finally registered here because 5 days ago I saw a post on Instagram about how fapping is really bad for us. So 5 days ago I've stopped but failed the 2nd day, but I do gotta say I felt a slight burst of energy though. Now I'm back on day one and moving onto day two in a couple hours.

    I gotta admit, about 2 weeks ago I've fapped 3 times and on my 3rd time I felt like total crap, like I've never felt so negative, drained, and depressed in my life after finishing. I sat down and felt easily irritated by the TV and also felt like I really needed a 4 hour nap just to feel normal again. And this was in the afternoon around 5PM. So I'm going to do the 90 day challenge and see how it goes, I'm not giving up no matter what. I seriously have to fix this habit since I'm still young. Will update from a week from now and post my changes in myself.
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    I hope that you can make it there is a transformation trust me it really is it's tough I'm on day 93 no porn no masterbation no orgasm hardmode pmo with my wife which is been a continuous supply of sex up until 93 days ago we're doing it for a marital reboot so I know if I can do this you can do this we've been married 33 years I'm 56 years old this is by far the hardest and the very best thing I've ever done for myself and ourselves God chooses my wife decides
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    I want some science applied here....
    Goodmorning fellas my day is day 93 my penispointed the way to thecoffee maker on the way to date 100 120180 275 per theabstinence contractmaybe 375? Is semen retention a reality I almost don't want to come anymore Icertainly don't wantporn nor do I want to masturbate I just want to shoot off like a rocket with an orgasm with my wife when God decidesand she chooses we shall do that hardmodepmo married doing ittogether and very happyyou find out thingsabout your relationship when sex has been removed the natural human mind the man mind cuz overcome that by thinking that youhave to reproduceeverything you see the plethora of sex and theway the world revolves around it is amazing once you've beenremoved from it almost every decision a guymakes it's about what'sgoing to how it's goingto affect his dick? Justan observation
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    Wow, nice, man! I'm already on day 2 now. I workout by doing bodyweight workouts, so that's my stress reliever and also my distraction. Heard that retaining from fapping boosts energy levels up and I have to agree on that. Just on day 2 and I feel more awake and sharp.
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    Day 94 I need to ask some more always God will provide those days in many ways you onlychange when there's a strong wind in your Sail it's also a sure-fire way not to fail enroute to120 180 275 maybe 365 God chooses and she decides have a blessedday
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    So far so good day 95 still seeking information about semen retention not really finding that much scientific data physically I am stronger mentally I feel stronger it would be kind of cool just to find the actual evidence scientifically based that would support me going as long as possible, God chooses and she decides that's when it will happen
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    Stupid question maybe... but what is the point of curing ED from semen retention? I mean, if you're not giving away your sperm, it means no sex.. and if you don't have sex, what does it matter if you have ED or not? You're not going to use your D anyway? :eek:
  14. Personally, I like to see my member strong and hanging rather shriveled and useless. It’s very encouraging lol
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    Okay fellas and anyone here that has any scientific information about this actually working I'd like for you to provide it I hit 100 days today no ejaculation no porn no masturbation no sex of any kind I do the PC muscle exercise 3 times a day 15 seconds who told 10 sets I wake up with the best hard-on ever 2 times a night I could jack a car up with my cock. Currently doing hardmode pmo with my wife of 33 years we're in a restorative stage of our marriage I objectify and and use her to medicate myself for many years and didn't realize it now by the grace of God and a relationship that I have with him I am correcting myself have an orgasm with my wife no masturbation no porn God will decide when that will happen and my wife will choose when that will happen I have faith in the process to the grace of Jesus. I would also like to have some scientific information as a basis they could make it me go indefinitely there was some time where I did get quite sad that I couldn't do it what normal guys do which is kind of sad because most guys have objectified women horribly and consistently you can hear it in their language and their conversation it is disgusting. Man has turned sex into something ugly which hasn't should have never been that way God meant us to enjoy sex as a married couple within marriage not this porn induced fantasy that most people live in on this planet. Any comments would be awesome and if you need any help feel free to text me or message me thank you it will help maintain my sense of sanity my courage and my confidence God bless here's my WhatsApp link if you would like to touch base so I can chat with you and help you in your quest I don't believe in relapse is hardmode pmo only or don't bother.
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    Post amorem omne animal triste

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    Very well pit
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    Indeed. The only thing I would add is that spiritual practices can be suited to your cultural orientation. I practice semen retention and the resulting energy inside becomes a gift from my guide. It allows me to better understand the spontaneous hearts of women and provides me with inner clarity, youthful confidence, and physical strength. Once you accept the challenge of not desiring comfort, you can begin harnessing the dormant energies locked up inside and start generating honor. A life that has destiny (or a path) can only be shaped by one who has accumulated enough honor.

    When you do decide to ejaculate it should only be done for a reason (most notably for raising children) and only with a woman whom you feel love towards as it will bring you closer to each other's heart. Ejaculation should not be the goal of sex for men, you should use sex to make yourself strong and actually worthy of this gift of life.
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    Agree with most of what you say. The problem is our poor decisions to watch/indulge of hours watching P and M to these virtual stimulations. We are dumb to think that we can watch and binge and not want to whack off to it. Our sperm is mentioned to be spent not retained. It's like holding your pee just because you don't want to get up, there is no benefit to doing so. Bladder infection, kidney stones, incontinence, etc. So stop holding the seed back and let what God created to reproduce flow.
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