Semen retention for 100 days ..... JUST DO IT

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by TemporaryUsername3892, Sep 20, 2015.

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    What exactly is difference between semen retention and no-PMO?
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    Guys Great community over here. I like to hear more stories of success and how someone's life has changed. Today I decided to go nofap for 180 days . I know this is going to extend soon. I know today a true change is gonna happen in my life and everybody reading this
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    100 days reached and everything is the same. The psichological part of the benefits depends on the person I suppose.
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    I reached exactly today also 100 days. Cannot report anything very special neither.

    Earthly thinking, feeling bit more focused, confident, social,
    and so on. Nothing much world changing. It's basically still me.

    Generally, feeling a tiny bit more healthier, and maybe some more energy.
    Not feeling so fatigued. But there's fluctuation. Day to day. Somedays having
    more energy, some then closer to post-ejaculation fatigue/worn-out. It is bit easier to work-out
    i feel.

    Spiritually, i'm not so happy about the result.
    The desire to release/reproduction organs pressure is distracting.
    Makes spirit quite shaky, opposite to peace and calmness.
    It makes sorta disconnected from spiritual side.

    And like creativity, i feel it has even sunken.

    Currently i'd say, it'd be probably better to release every few weeks, than
    keep going months without.

    I know some hindu-stuff are recommending even 10 years retention to reach
    maximal benefits, but someone can try and tell then later about the result. But i'm
    not sure would it be me, haha.

    However, i could think that if living in total control of sexual desires, it could be more
    beneficial. Like now, i'm not avoiding arousal or viewing sometimes some porn, or even intercourses (without release), it happens if happens but afterwards it seems to have negative side effects. Especially if arousal happens because of glimpse of "mental masturbation". Doesn't matter if it was because of porn or not, but mental masturbation feels destructive.
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    The benefits are real . . .
  7. Please, read the first post on this forum.
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    Canu explain how it is achieved? How can we last for for an hour or more coz if w
    i dont ejaculate for a long time i last not less than 2 mins.
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    I've read some of the posts and it is an interesting topic.
    I have faith in scriptures and traditions talking about physical, mental en spiritual benefits of semen retention.
    But I think the essential point is who is doing it when and how.
    Trying to reach this stage without proper guidance when so many other parts of the personality are not purified is putting on a premature war with one's nature. And why? Perhaps the follow-up of our christian background culture where sexuality and the body are sinful?
    I believe in a spiritual path where the whole personality is being worked on, step by step, basically by trying to integrate all parts of a life and oneself, becoming one. And I'm convinced that at the right time, sexuality etc.. will automatically will become less or completely transformed. And even then, a lot of spiritual striving is just fighting against something or away from something and in my growth I have understood that is in fact the opposite of true spirituality which should come from inside out, naturally, truthfully...
    Or stated differently, heaven will not check whether or not and how long you retained your semen. Heaven is about your heart, your wholeness...
    Having said that, I am not saying that sex is a way to God.
    But the question is what are you trying to reach?
    And is that not to be found just inside and trusting your own inner guidance?
    More and more I've really had it with all those suppressing practices form East or West, for most people just increasing their suffering by increasing their identifications with super-ego.
    If I'm going for celibacy and PMO it's because my heart is telling me so, but I'm not making it another game of my mind. The truth is in my heart and it's here and now. I'm just trying to listen to it better.
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    What the fuck man you're talking about some dark shit I'm sure of this
  12. While I think masturbation to be harmful in many aspects, this type of idea is completely unsubstantiated by any scientific evidence or common sense.

    If retaining anything our bodies produce meant their chemical components would be re-absorbed into the body for nurturing purposes, that would mean our feces and urine, if not expelled, could benefit us in some way, which they do not; holding them has the exact opposite effect, causing intestinal obstruction, and urinary infection.

    Our bodies nurture our organs with nutrients that are specifically produced and carried for such function.

    So, no, semen retention has absolutely zero nurturing power to the brain or anything else.
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    How dare you. You must know the other day I was being robbed and I concentrated energy I've accumulated due to semen retention in my palms and managed to shoot a blue energy wave from them, vaporizing the robbers, and all thanks to not touching myself.
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