Semen Retention for Ultimate Masculinity

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  1. Peter Pettigrew

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    So I've been hearing a lot about semen retention. To be honest, I've been randomly strengthening my PC muscle for the past few years (I say random because often months would go by where I would completely forget about it) but I did not truly understand just how important it was and what the true meaning of the exercise was. I came across a book that someone recommended on NoFap. I don't remember the name now but it's by Mantak Chia. I'm about half way through now and I'm really enjoying what I'm coming across. The exercises are a little disheartening, to be honest. I don't know; somehow I expected to be able to see and feel the things he speaks about, particularly the cold energy in the testicles and being able to move it up towards the perineum. He says that it takes time to get to a point where you notice what's happening.

    Anyway, I most appreciate how it's made me think differently about the purpose of sex. I always just thought that ejaculation was part of the sexual act for men but now I see that it's not necessary or even advisable unless you're trying to have a child. Sex is about the union between two bodies but the release of the man's vital energy is not necessary at all. So, I was hoping that someone might be able to speak to their personal experience of semen retention and orgasm without ejaculation. Is it possible? The only way to know is if someone here can say honestly that they have experienced it. I would like to believe that it is possible and that the heights of sexual pleasure could far outweigh what I currently experience but it's a little difficult to purely believe this from the book, even if I am inclined to.
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    I don't know if it's possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculation, personally I doubt it. But I know that men and women can have amazing sex without climax. It's called karezza. Once I dated a guy who was into it, hadn't orgasmed for six years and we had great sex without him doing it once with me. Sadly I wasn't really into it back then so I binned him as he wouldn't go down on me, preferred my toys. Looking back I was an addict. Very sad, he was one of the best guys I ever dated.
  3. Peter Pettigrew

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    It really is sad. Are most of us porn addicts doomed to reminiscing about the one who got away? It's as if porn so fucked us up that we were unable to appreciate the person when they were in front of us. Now that time has passed and we've really made headway in addressing our addictions, we can recognise just how good that particular person was. It's fucking frustrating.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply. I'm considering allowing my intimacy to evolve as it feels natural. It will have to be on my own now since I'm currently unattached. But this is the perfect time to start exploring with my own body. I've been retaining semen and I agree with you - orgasm without ejaculation just doesn't feel like anything. Yeah I can carry on after but what's the point if I don't end up feeling anything? I am more interested in fostering a loving connection with the person I share my body and spirit with, which is why I like the idea of karezza. But that's about as far as it goes. Being intimate with someone is as much about making them feel incredible as it is about me feeling the same way. I believe that the sharing of body heat and thoughts are a potent way to exercise a sexual union but these are steps that lead up towards that climax, which solidifies the connection. Nothing feels more connected than the sharing of an orgasm and the cuddling that follows.
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    Some say you can stop the ejaculation without pulling out but personally I pull out and squeeze my ass muscles and lock the perenium after taking a deep breath. Also, timing is critical you don't want to become completely satisfied by orgasm (which you can have without ejaculation) or you will lose your inner fire.

    Basically, I have come to appreciate the mental aspects of sex rather than the overwhelming bodily sensations. If I do ejaculate it would be for the goal of pregnancy or to bring my relationship closer (check out microchimerism).

    Keep training your pelvic floor muscles and you will most definitely be able to orgasm without ejaculation if that is what you want. It will cause some pressure in your balls (like how blue balls feels) but its safe.

    Also, the taoist religious principles are optional. When I was younger I dabbled in Taoism and Buddhism but now I believe they are tailored for Asian culture. Take the iron and leave the dross.
  5. horny nerd

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    Are you sure this is not retrograde ejaculation? Doesn't that harm you somehow?
  6. Light of Freyja

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    Maybe a small amount of semen gets diverted but it feels to me the force of the "lock" stops the ejaculation from taking place. As this is a controlled technique (opposed to an involuntary prostate issue) there is no danger.

    The best practice is to stave off the intense vibrations of orgasm as that is what seems to sap the masculine energy and desire.
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  7. theperfectionist

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    Hello Good evening,
    I've long been interested in semen retention. Can you please share what worked and what didn't?
    I'm 29, recovering from 15 years of PMO. Is it too early?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    Good luck man

    FLMONK New Fapstronaut

    yes, on can achieve amazing satisfaction without a release of any seminal fluid. i am returning to my practice... and getting that foundation back in place is not the easiest... but it is worth working through to enter the states of semen retention that i found so beneficial in the past. during those times there was plenty of arousal and re-channeling of energy and i would advance t through my system during times of meditation. read several books on some Tao practices and learned a lot that is never taught to us in the western world. it can literally allow you to transform yourself and your life... and after some family issues sent me into orbit and away from my practice i am glad to have worked through them and returned to a much better place and the restart of my practice.

    i have experienced incredible full-body experiences in the past that had no release at all. totally satisfying while keeping my energy levels very high... i hope that am able to return there with a few more years on my system. =) at my best i had stopped about ten years of aging and had an aura that people found quite attractive to be near. all of that is the heightened Body - Mind - Spirit experience... and one needs to be working on all three and balancing them out for it to be at its best.
  10. guyinsideout

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    New to semen retention and harnessing that power. Sounds like you have a great practice. Would be great to learn more.
  11. leo da king

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    I wish I could semen retent
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  12. Technical question: in this full body experiences, do you have to anyhow supress ejaculation, or is it far away from getting to that?

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