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    Hello to you all…

    I want to share my experience with no pmo. During the last 2,5 years I had several no pmo periods. The longest period was approx.. 6 month. Now I am completing week 4 again. 4 weeks ago I had 3 O´s and before that I was 7 weeks in a no pmo phase.

    I have made the following experiences:

    The first days and weeks are difficult, especially if you are used since years to pmo all the time. If you have already several phases of no pmo it is getting easier and easier. The urges are there also after several weeks and month but you start to be the master over the urges instead of being their slave.

    You start to control your desires and your urges.

    This is a very powerful feeling, if you be a witness over your own hormons and your own urges and desires of your physical body.

    I have also waterfasted several times (up to 10 days water only fast) and I have experienced that you also start to be a master over your desires for food after some fasting days.

    To be a master over your behavior and not an addicted slave is a great feeling.

    After several weeks of no pmo… mostly 3-4 weeks or longer I start always to experience several benefits.

    The first is, to have a clearer mind because you don´t think always about porn or masturbation or sex. You still have the desire for sex but you are in a kind of witness awareness. You witness your desire and can play with your desires and are not controlled by them. This leads to more time, more control and an overall cleared mind.

    Secondly you become more self confident and your aura is stronger. It is like you are radiate more power and energy into the field around you. And others start to recognize you. One of the most interesting experience is, that other people start to greet you, even when you walk by or you don´t greet them. Other people feel your power and self confidence and they like your power because these superpowers are in general good powers. Good powers because when you are getting more self confidence then you automatically be more responsible with everything and people with more confidence and trust in the good are automatically people who everybody would like to be around. You can look other directly into their eyes and you do not have anxiety to talk with others, because you do not only have now your body urges under control you also start to have your other desires and anxiety under control.

    Third, people will more likely follow your advice. After a longer time of no pmo you have reached such a self confidence that you do not doubt your one decision. Your walk your way without being an asshole. And other people will feel that you do not doubt your way and will therefore also start to not doubt your way. The whole mimic, gesture etc. shows if a person doubt what he or she is doing or not and automatically others will copy this information unconsciously. If you doubt your own decision then other will also doubt your decision.

    Your voice and the way you speak will change. People can intuitively analyze also other information that are transferred when someone speaks. The voice is an indicator if someone has fear or doubt things or like something. The tone and the way someone speaks contains much information about these being. It is also the way you say things and not only the pure information what is said. And, man… I can tell you… the way you will start to speak will change… and others will listen to you… even if you are telling inconsequential and unimportant things others will listen to you, because everything what you say now has validity and even when it has no validity others will listen because they like to listen to you. Your radiate energy, your voice is energetic and everyone is attracted to energy.

    Stamina: The Stamina will increase.

    ESP: If someone has any ESP abilities I strongly believe that they will increase if a man does practice semen rentention.

    I have made an experiment once and had plenty of sex with different women but no porn and masturbation. This is a great time and you still feel better because you do not have all this porn pictures in your head and can enjoy the women how they are and your orgasms are nicer because you have not so many. But it has to be said… forget the powers and the benefits. You will not have the benefits when you have orgasm. It seams that semen retention is the most important factor to receive the benefits of no pmo. Maybe it is possible to have plenty of sex but as long as you do not lose your semen you can still have all the benefits. It would be interesting to test this.

    Regarding women. After several month of no pmo and when you are in a status of high energy and power, women will stare at you, greet you, acknowledge you. Look up to you and not down to you. You will become a man to them. Because all the daily porn and the man who choke their chicken daily are not man. Women are much more emotionally, they sense other things and are attracted to other things then man and they can intuitively recognize the week aura of daily wankers and semen wasters.

    I believe that this is an automatic protection, an ESP perception of women. Because nature want that a man who just have spread their semen into 3 women per day (even when these women are pictures on their smartphones) that such a man will not be a good man to another women because nature want to give the women a man who will be reliable and will take care of the kids that will normally follow after sex. Heavy wankers will lose this charisma of being a good and reliable man for future kids. Therefore, heavy wankers are not a good choice for women and they will sort them out. These man who are sorted out are mostly the lonely man with no self confidence and these man will even increase their porn and masturbation and will therefore increase the problem.

    I believe that the man who got married or are in a relationship and are still heavy masturbators and porn watchers are mostly together with a girl because the girls imagination is that this man is the right man. But in the deep unconsciousness of such a women, she will be attracted to a man with energy and powers. She will maybe still be together with a week man, because there is maybe no alternative to her. In many relationships the women dictates what the man has to do. This only happens because these man are week. Week because of their desires for sex and their constant semen that is lost. Women control man with their availability of sex. Women can control him. But if you are a man of masculine energy, she will not be able to control you. Then she will have sex from you and not the way around. Because a women is attracted to testosterone, to masculine energy, to this voice and to the way a masculine man walk, speak, think etc. As soon as a women recognized that she has control over the man in adjusting their availability of sex, she will look down to such a man. But when a man has these masculine energy then she will not be able to ever control these man. Because such a man is so self confident and has so much energy that such a man does not think of how to treat and behave in front of these women, such a man will naturally behave correctly and the women will instinctively feel that she will not be able to control you. So she will look up to such a man and this is how it should be. Reliable man who take care of kids and everything and women who look up to their man.

    It is very important to say. That these benefits and feeling will be destroyed with just a few orgasms. Even one orgasm will deplete so much energy and benefits. I have experienced this several times, that my good and strong energy was gone after several month just with a few orgasm. And then you feel like shit. But you start again with no pmo because everytime you lose your powers you see that it is so much more worthy to have these powers.

    It is fun to experience all this and I wish you all an exiting time.


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    Congratulations on all the progress you have made. It is an interesting perspective you have. I do agree with a bit of it. I like how you say you still have desires but they won't control you. That seems true and is a liberating benefit of no PMO.

    It is nice that we can have so drastically different experiences and opinions. I have too seen changes and benefits from a reboot. But never have I seen my private behavior change unknowing other's behavior. I have no aura or superpower, especially one that would cause people to greet me or interact just because. That's some voodoo fantasy belief IMO. Does thier aura control me then?

    I disagree that people follow your advice. In fact I'm not following your advice right now. People are always free to take or leave anything they hear, to suppose that somehow you're suddenly more important or influential based on sexual conduct is a stretch. Unless your are prefacing all dialogs how you've changed and the discussion is actually about sexual recovery.

    Do people actually say "you sound so different, what has changed?" My voice has never changed since I was 15 or if I get the hiccups. Both of which I don't attribute to being PMO free. Also being PMO free doesn't automagically give one an audience. My behavior good or bad does not and can not control another's choice. Maybe you perceive people listen more, when really they listen the same but you weren't aware. I don't think there is a magic influence that makes you more charismatic.

    ESP = fairytale land in my book. I try to live more in the present reality.

    Again no magic power will control women. This quote above is deeply troubling to me. Women don't need to look up or down at me. Women are my equals and can look over at me. Why would I care if a woman stares at me? Do I want women to oogle and objectify me like I did when I stare at them? My PMO health or habits is not what makes me a man. It is only one small piece of the remarkable complex individual that I am.

    I strongly disagree that women can intuitively recognize a wanker. Women also don't have ESP. If women could recognize it so easily, why are there forums and clinics full of women who have been traumatized by the deceit and deception of the men they are closest too. The truth is women don't know, that's how men hurt them in silence. The true sign of a man's integrity is to do the right thing when nobody is watching. If we truly want to protect women, we need to stop PMO for our own sakes, so they don't have to worry.

    I disagree with this analysis. First of I don't presuppose women are weaker than men. I feel they make intelligent good choices in partners. They are not settling because somehow they can't do any better. They have no super-subconscious that regrets the man they are with. On the contrary, I bet most women innately see the devine potential in men even in thier weakness. It is usually a good woman that believes in us and hopes for the best even if we are blinded by our own weakness. It is this unrelenting devotion that make it even possible for good men to become better. Left on our own we tend to screw things up for ourselves. (hence a nofap support forum)

    I do not subscribe to semen as the end-all, be-all source of power and strength. Nor do I feel that an O would destroy years worth of therapy, education and self healing. We are not that fragile. Semen may or may not have some corrilation to our minds. But I do know that choices, attitudes and respect are direct results of our brains. We can do so much good, and offer so much more if we work at it.

    Again, Thanks for the interesting POV. I didn't mean to sound confrontational. It only sparked what I truly believe so I shared.

    Best of luck.
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    nice - inspiring!

    i am on day 11 of no pm, but this has me considering no o too.

    something i realized, more viscerally, just yesterday: if i am masturbating to porn, or even just checking out porn, i am essentially rewarding myself for doing nothing. the relationship between motivation, pleasure, and reward gets all screwed up.

    by abstaining from pm, i am rewriting this pattern. i'm teaching myself that only genuine work leads to reward. even better, i am teaching myself that the best kind of work (the kind that channels my best and brightest energies) is its own kind of pleasure, its own kind of reward.

    the way i am seeing it now:

    i am learning how to put off instant gratification for the longer arc of my soul's purpose. this purpose reveals itself only over time, through the twists and turn's of a well-lived life. it does not reveal itself in the mediated world of immediate, compulsive visuality, an exclusively present-tense reality that has no wider purpose other than its own immediation satisfaction in view.

    my soul is a landscape with all kinds of temporalities. all of them shape and inform the doing and happenings of a day, month, year, lifetime, lifetimes.

    there are mountains with their extended geological epochs, streams and their unfolding currents, seasons with their distinct moods and energies (bright in the summer, inward and concentrated in the winter), and the shifting patterns of weather that can change and transform a single day.

    if i travel in this landscape without connecting to these various temporalities, i am splitting myself off from all that i am. if i am merely clicking away, concerned only with the satisfaction of some fleeting compulsion, then i am living at the thinnest slice of the most shallow surface of the most culturally mediated experience of my self.

    freedom is uniting all these differing temporalities of the soul. it is the work of unifying that which was disparate or distintegrated. it is to forge oneself into one, single, fundamental force of being.

    in this way, these different times of the soul might all merge as one. oscillating and vibrating distinctly, they are coordinated all the same, as though symphonically, into one single wave of being.

    in becoming a unified being, i am no longer split off or hijacked by a part of myself that has wrongly construed itself as the whole show, calling the shots.
    this wave of my being now merges into and completes itself with the Being of the world, coordinating with the various energies, rhythms, and temporalities that are all the time unfolding within it.

    it is here that my soul's purpose is revealed, as part of this much wider fabric of which Being is composed. like a "click" in a clockwork piece, i enter into and set off a wider chain of events, unfolding as a complex pattern that is both of me and beyond me.

    but, rather than fight against, or be ignorant of this pattern, the pattern is all the time being revealed to me, since it is also my own. i am at the center of things, yet simultaneously connected to all things. i am one with the One, which is to say: i am in relationship to all things are they are, in their absolute particularity, seeing them clearly. not according to my own self-preoccupied desire, but in terms of what/who they actually are, and what they are inviting me to become.

    my reality is mine to participate in, mine to co-create. i am free; i have been invited into the community of being(s); i serve.
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  5. Anyone here know how to really take semen retention to the next level? Making more semen? Foods to eat, exercises to do?
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    Going strong
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  8. Hey man, thanks for the tip, most of these I already knew and I get all the good stuff from my heavily heathy intake of vegetables and fruits and I eat garlic often. Was thinking something more specific like supplement or specific food but thanks though!
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    You are mislead by the mainstream brother. People who say eat this and that to increase sperm volume, know it because they ejaculate. Just have a healthy lifestyle with exercice and you will be fine. Garlic is very bad if consumed in excess. You can use it as medicine when you got colds or feel ur immune system is low. But is very bad when consumed frequently as part of your diet. You wont get extra benefit from rushing the natural process of your organism
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  10. What happens if you eat excess garlic?
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    bad breath perhaps.

    although that whole "just eat healthy and exercise" is pretty bad advice.

    There are ways to increase sperm volume. In my personal experience, 50mg of zinc a day really makes a difference i have noticed. A week of nofap and some supplementation, and i m shooting loads like i should be paid for them.

    You don't need more than zinc and Vit D3. Maca, l-citrulline, l-arginine, beet powder (or juice if you can make it at home) are great but you dont need them everyday.

    Maca only works if you consume for an extended period of time. some 8 weeks or so.
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  12. I eat a lot, like half a garlic bulb two or three times a week.

    Dude, I take 50 mg zinc or sometime 100, doesn’t help me
  13. Physicist

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    what sort of zinc are you talking? Are you taking it together with a multivitamin that has copper?

    I find zinc helps me tremendously with my acne. Or used to when I did get regular acne.

    And it has a big effect on libido, which is why I havent taken it lately cause the urges to release become unreal.

    I edited the post btw.
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  14. Zinc gluconate alone, I take 1mg copper every couple days.

    Dude, idk what it is, I just bought maca and started taking it again. I remember I would take it and I’d feel something when I use it, I stopped a few months ago.
    Now i take double the recommended dose and don’t feel anything.. or maybe I do.. it’s so little it’s almost placebo. You think bad batch?

    What’s your dosage for maca? Have you tried tongkat?
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    Learn to deadlift or squat as well as sprint. Not only will your ejaculate volume increase, so will the rest of your junk.
  16. Man, thank you for sharing your wisdom, I feel I'm in the right path even more. Such inspiration makes me to NoFap for a lifetime. Cheers!
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    So after quitting PMO did you get wet dreams. If yes what is the frequency of it
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  18. I think: men are weak because of the low self-esteem and insecurities about who they really are. (that's the reason they got stuck in a pattern of porn and masturbation).
    That's what women feel.

    Here you show a crack in your writings.
    If your self-esteem is build on the amount of semen that's accidentally inside of you, I wonder what will happen during your wedding night :)
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  19. U
    U wrote it very well dear bro, i just want to hug u. I don't like the sex before marriage as it is prohibited in our religion.but overall i like ur writing very much.
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