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    Does Nofap really give you super powers?

    Undoubtedly, anyone who has experienced abstinence from ejaculation intuitively knows of the benefits of semen retention: the attention from females, the increase in energy and productivity, the confident swagger and so on...

    Why is this?

    I believe these "super powers" come from maintaining a sperm surplus.

    The male body is constantly producing sperm cells every millisecond. These sperm cells take around 64 days to reach full maturation. The sperm cells when you ejaculate began months prior.

    Your body will store a surplus of sperm cells ready for when it is time to mate. Naturally, the most optimal way to ensure reproduction is to abstain for months and "spend it" on a female who is ovulating by mating with her over and over. This is reflected in how animals tend to mate i.e. large periods of abstinence followed by mating like crazy in a short space of time.

    Let's put some numbers to this.

    Your body produces several million sperm cells every day. It takes 64 days to fully regenerate sperm, after which you'll have around 8 billion sperm cells. Any unused sperm cells are recycled after 64 days. You ejaculate anywhere from 20 million to 300 million sperm cells. Using this math it would take around 26 ejaculations to fully deplete your sperm cells...

    What does this mean for semen retention?

    It means that you aren't back to square one if you fap. Your stores will simply take a hit. Its better to fap the least amount of times rather than to focus on a streak. Even if you fap once a week you are still building up a surplus. Ideally you would want to abstain for the 64 days to achieve maximum fertility.

    So how does all this relate to the super powers?

    Naturally, the whole point of sexual attraction is to reproduce. If you was to max out your sperm surplus then your ability to reproduce is also at its maximum capacity. In comparison to if your stores are depleted like the majority of guys walking around. You are literally a million times more fertile.

    Fertility = more female attention.

    What would a woman want with a guy who can't give her a child? This is why they are repulsed.

    An increase in fertility = changes in behaviour.

    You can see this in females. Its quite comical how their behaviour changes from their period to ovulation. When they are on, their fertility tanks and during ovulation their fertility sky-rockets. They go from cold, snappy, disrespectful to playful and flirty.

    Your instincts change on nofap. You have a surplus of sperm that needs to be used. Your instincts are willing you towards women, its harder not to go approach women, whereas the average coomer's instincts are to shy away from women. The latter needs to go find food and build up his stores whereas you are ready to mate that is the difference.

    So there you have it, my thoughts on semen retention.
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    Thanks for sharing your interesting ideas!

    I agree with this one, yet to make it clear, I would like to add something. Relapsing once a week isn't that bad, but it should not be an excuse to indulge in PMO once a while.
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    I love your math. Very hopeful indeed.
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    This post can also be very helpful to anyone who feels a little low after a wet dream.

    I've read and watched videos, where the sperm maturation period varies ever so slightly. Mainstream figure is 64 days, while some think it's between 70-90 days.

    It almost brings a new meaning to the gold standard 90 days in Nofap circles. It's now pretty much acknowledged that 90 days doesn't equal a full Nofap reboot. What we can say is that it does mean a full sperm reboot!

    64-90 days for sperm maturation, and the cycle of reabsorption, which should give great encouragement and motivation to people, that it's a vital stage in rebooting.
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    beautifully stated, I will read your post often in the future when having urges LOL :)
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  7. Hey brother can i ask something

    I started during young age with prone faping. Before adolescent i started to fap. At that time the orgasm will come without the sperm, like an edging. Then the adolescence came, i still remember the first time the sperm came out, i thought it was urine. Then the whole age upto 25 i was fapping and longest abstains period is 24 days only.

    So i didn't gave my body 64 days to mature the sperm.( technically, never in my lifetime ) so i have this questions.

    Does my body lack a matured semen?
    Did again doing semen retention for 64 days ( 1st time li life) mature my semen.?

    I have gynacomastia and poor beard. Can i reverse this all. Pls don't tell me semen will be made infinite time and it's not big deal. It is a big deal according to my life. What's all your opinion brothers.?
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    Sperm cells always reach full maturation. There is no difference in sperm quality between that which you have ejaculated after one day of abstinence compared to that which you have ejaculated after 90 days. The difference is that you have more sperm cells.

    Here is thing the process for the body to produce sperm takes 64 days (or more like people have said). What you see when you ejaculate was not made days before, it was made months before, and it is fully mature.

    So in short semen retention = more sperm but doesn't affect the quality of sperm.

    I would look look at getting adequate nutrition first. I think a lot of these hormone imbalance problems come from poor diet. I will not go into too much detail, but if you are interested then do some research into the carnivore diet, which is based on the premise that eating high quality animal products is the best way to meet your body's nutritional needs. I personally follow this diet and it is just as important as nofap.
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    That doesn't really happen because you stopped masturbating, it happens because it is a placebo effect that gives you motivation to do stuff. There are people who watch pornography and masturbates constantly and still have no problem to attract women.

    Actually, most females of any species will be attracted to those who have signs of good genes regardless of their fertility, that's why a strong jaw, big muscles, deep voices, hair, height, etc. are features attractive to most women, they indicate good genes. Women do not carry around a portable sperm counter to know how fertile you are.

    That has nothing to do with sperm count. There are many reasons to shy away, not only from women, but to many other things as well, and having a low sperm count seems like a very far fetched reason to me. In fact, I would believe that due to the constant exposure to over the top proportions and beauty standards the regular pornography consumer expose themselves to, rather than shying away from a women, they would simply feel numb towards one.

    But hey, that's just me.
  10. Sleeperhead

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    I will elaborate on some things.

    You say nofap is a placebo, but then say it gives you motivation to do stuff, so what is it? Either nofap has no effect on behaviour, or it doesn't and its all in the head.

    Many times I have questioned nofap, but my own personal experience every time I abstain and save my body language completely changes and females respond better to me. Its the drive to reproduce, I obtain it when I abstain, and lose it after fapping a bunch. Its much easier to display confidence and maintain eye contact after abstinence.

    Increasing numbers of men growing up today are virgins, coincides with access to porn. Obviously there are other factors too.
    Totally agree, women are attracted to all those things, but they are secondary to what they most find attractive in a man and that is behaviour. They want a confident and dominant man to come sweep them off their feet, which you simply can't be when you have no sperm saved up because your body's instincts will work against you.

    A woman can tell intuitively when a man is fertile from his body language.

    More sperm saved = desire to put this sperm somewhere = dominant body language = increased attraction from females.

    No sperm/ low amount of sperm = minimal chance of impregnating a female = body's instincts are to stay away = approach anxiety, then female is repulsed.
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    I think a foggy mind after fapping clearly shows the harmful effects of masturbation and pornography.
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    The motivation comes from the placebo. When you join this forum, everyone tells you about superpowers and attractive woman and stuff, so the most desperate people will believe anything to give them some hope in their lonely lives. That's why you can see post of people saying stuff like "I'm in Day 2 and the cute cashier wouldn't stop staring at me. The powers are real". Everyone is clinging to what they can.

    The are two reasons for that. One, that you stopped an addictive habit and therefore your body will return to normal, this would happen when recovering from any addiction, from smoking to videogames, not just masturbation. Two, the placebo effect.

    Actually I believe it is more complicated like that. Is the current dating scene that hard because of the access to pornography, or the rise in the consumption of pornography is due to how hard the current dating scene is?

    In Japan, there is something called the "2D movement", where people, mostly men, prefer to "Be" with fictional characters than to be with real women. We could just point and them and call them weak and pathetic and that's it, but something curious is that one of their representatives once said "We are not doing this because we initially wanted to, we are doing this because we had no other choice".

    Sound like an excuse? Maybe, but after you take a look on japanese society and their way of doing certain things, you kind of see why that people prefer to live in fantasy. The same could be said about pornography.

    I disagree to some extent. Behavior is only cared about if the genetical part is already acceptable enough, to say it in more common words, personality matters only after you are pleasent to the eyes. Of course, this is not the case for every woman on Earth, but surely most of them.

    I have actually seen women messing with men with not good enough genes for being confident, as a "Know your place" thing. Of course, those were experiences so it is not enough information to confirm anything, but it is what I have seen.

    Dude, if women were so desperate for fertility then they would flock towards sperm banks. If you grab the most good looking dude in the world and make him sterile, I am sure just a very few would be repulsed, in fact, some of them would like it even more as there is no chance to get pregnant.

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