Semen Retention - Stem Cell Conversion ?

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    Been thinking about it lately, and will share these thoughts and ideas with you all.

    Been thinking about how a woman's embryo is capable of being used as stem cells...and weather or not semen can be used as stem cells within itself. Here is what I found. takes about 3 months for sperm to fully mature

    So technically...after 3 months when sperm matures (become adults) they would then be able to morph into stem cells.

    If that is the case...then would it be assumed that these cells are then distributed through the body where needed to mature into cells into our bones, muscles, nerves, organs, tissues, etc.
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    Very nice thats why the yogis want to preserve the veerya(sperm) for health cultivation.
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    I see it like if body is not focused on making the most important fluid need for survival then it's focusing on itself repairing and healing itself. The energy and nutrient simply wasted on making semen can be utilized to make your organs and other cells healthy.
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    We could bring down the system merely with semen retention. Is it, is it possible? ;)
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    Haha, very motivating. I'll believe it :)
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