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  1. My total is in the 450 range and free is 12.2, how bad is your anxiety? I have depression and anxiety and brain fog, perhaps it's dopamine related? I think pmo attacks us on all fronts, mentally and physically, mentally warps our mind to become a voyeur and physically.. well something is happening to our body by getting hooked on porn and madturbation! Whether brain or somewhere else. Do you think people feeling better from depression and anxiety and brain fog comes from the dopamine theory then? Because low dopamine affects all those symptoms

    What's clomid?
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    Well, I don't really deal with anxiety anymore. If I do, it's probably 10% of what it used to be. I don't really know what the "dopamine theory" is and as far as I know any "theories" out there in regards to PMO are just hypotheses, not theories. I'm sure dopamine has something to do with it, but I'm certain there are vastly complex systems that we barely understand associated with addiction, rewarding behavior, mood, behavior, etc. It's probably even more complex when it comes to porn addiction. The simple truth is that the longer you abstain, the better you will feel. There aren't any shortcuts or ways of boosting certain chemicals in your body to speed up the process.

    The thing that I find the most interesting about people on these forums who postulate that the reason they feel better is because of certain hormones or neurotransmitters is that they never do bloodwork or experiment with drugs that directly raise said chemicals to see if there's any sort of connection. If you're one of those guys who thinks your testosterone increased from Nofap, why didn't you get your blood drawn before and after to compare the results? Why didn't you get your blood drawn every week to see if there was any sort of trend? Better yet, why don't you pin testosterone and see how you feel a few days later? If you're one of those guys who think dopamine is the answer to everything, why don't you experiment with bupropion or cabergoline to see if you temporarily feel like your pre-pornographic self? These would answer the questions, and shed light on the fact that pornography addiction is far too complex to boil down to a single neurotransmitter. Just focus on staying away from porn and making improvements in other facets of life.

    450/12.2 is paltry, but probably enough to get you by. Clomid is a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). Without getting into too much detail regarding the HPTA axis, it essentially tricks your hypothalamus into thinking there isn't enough estradiol (the most predominant form of estrogen) in your body. Since the majority of estradiol in a man's body is synthesized through the aromatization of free testosterone, the hypothalamus believes that low levels of estradiol means low levels of testosterone. Consequently, it begins to produce more gonadotropin releasing hormone, which acts on the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then begins releasing higher levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, which acts on the leydig cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone. Typically, low doses of clomid will double or triple a man's total testosterone levels, however, because of the complex nature of the compound, it is often not as good as it sounds. In order to be effective, it has to be taken at very low doses. It is generally the first line of treatment for younger men with low testosterone who don't have any sort of extenuating circumstance (such as damage to the testicles) to prevent them from creating their own testosterone. It has a generally low success rate for relieving symptoms, but it works amazingly well on paper.
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  3. You're right on the dopamine theory on nofap being s hypothesis I suppose BUT id say all addictions work pretty similar and it's only so many chemicals in our body that can explain it, but dopamine is typically the one that makes us go get our fix because we have grown so habitually acclimated to liking/seeking it, so receptors for all addicts become desensitized doing host of things with usually the same symptoms.

    Are you saying you had anxiety and your anxiety got better?

    I guess I never really thought to take blood test before and after. Read many peoples' stories similar to mine and got better and I follows suit for 2.5 years and the general direction feels up but I keep doubting the process, I'm scared this is it it and if It gets better. That's why I ask you because you seem knowledgable, so I ask for your opinion and your experiences to see if they match others and maybe get some science out of ya, people say correlation doesn't equal causation but it can be!

    Also, I don't mess with any of those kind of drugs because I have no idea what I'm doing. I hear people do more harm than good with those stuff so I'd rather not make the situation worse but clomid sounds almost promising
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    I'm taking clomid right now, I can tell you...that I get really emotional. and.....well my the size of my *nts* is way bigger, I feel like its about to explode. (too much details) but I am full! Clomid could increase testosterone, but it can also raise estrogen, its best to take AIs with arimidex....if you wanna go for natural AIs, you can take calcium d glucarate, grape seed extract and chrysin with bioperine.
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    I take a dose of Nofap and it is enough for me to kill my workouts.
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    Why would there be studies on semen retention, the porn industry is worth billions why on earth would they be doing studies???? their agenda is to get men to pmo in order for them to profit
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  7. They would make bias studies to perhaps deceive in accordance to their own agendas
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    There is no purpose for them to make bias studies, however most men who believe mainstream studies on how pmo is good for them will not be able to achieve these full benefits in their day to day life.. To conclude there are no suitable studies which can be done as the effect on semen retention as it is unique to each individual..
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    i am still pretty surprised about how well this thread is doing
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    @AChosenPeople your experience is exactly mine. Completely different person and women do especially notice it.

    Along with my voice thickening, so did my bones and tendons. I was keeping in shape but not lifting, yet I was developing like I was. My hands thickened up, when they were already strong to begin with.

    With semen retention, everything works better. You become a beast.

    Some guys complain about the smell. This is stupid, that's an aphrodisiac to woman. They smell when you're turned on and start to look drunk. Fapping takes that away.
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    Sprinting, heavy back and leg work, heavy bag, and sled work will get your body up to speed with the mental change. Healthy diet and keeping an eye on your cycle will you time your training and nutrition to maximize the physical changes.
  12. What do you mean? If study say that masurbation is bad then people would stop consuming P so much cutting into the P industry’s profits.

    I don’t think it’s unique to each individual, it’s unique to males, some just notice it or more sensitive, but I think something like semen retention being good for one male is probably good for all males
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    People that are saying it doesnt increase test are foolish.

    Your hair grows nice and thick
    Your voice is deeper more volume
    Weight loss is easier.
    Muscle mass is easier to gain
    Your entire mentality changes.
    This is the result of HIGHER test.
    Frequent ejaculating reduces androgen receptors which binds to free testosterone to be used. When you stop for a while they come back and are able to bind to testosterone making you feel better.
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    Looking forward to this boost once I've got a few days under my belt. There are studies to show that testosterone peaks after 7 days of not ejaculating then returns to baseline. I'd imagine that there are many other hormones at work as well as testosterone that contribute to the feelings and changes described above.

    I've also read somewhere that it can take 15 days for your brain (I'd imagine dopamine receptors?) to recover from a binge.
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    Smell? What smell?
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    Since staying on NoFap successfully + when I have nocturnal emission free streaks, my ability to do things is unlimited and only dependant on whether I want to do the thing and how much effort I want to put into it, including workouts and everything else, if I want to I can do a task, and do it three more times, it does not bother me, make tired or anything else.

    My energy, confidence, mental capabilities are higher than they were when I could not keep up with NoFap, meanwhile when I would edge or had a hard time to keep up with NoFap Hard Mode, I would feel low and dis-energized.

    Interesting it is, that for you back-sleeping reduces nocturnal emission frequency and the likelihood of it happening, because I personally get more erotic+nightmare dreams when falling asleep on my back, at least when ground-sleeping, however, if I do not have a full bladder and sleep without interruption and without remembering about wet dreams being a possibility between sleep phases and fall asleep on the left side while ground-sleeping, then I never experience the types of dreams that disrupt my nocturnal emission free streak or are of weird nature.
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    At the end of the day this is one situation where being ignorant is actually a blessing.

    If one ignores the science that NoFap doesn't actually increase testosterone, but just ignorantly feels like it does, then isn't that a win win situation?

    Let your self believe it does increase your testosterone if it helps you stay away from PMO.
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